CJC-1295 Part 2


Continued from part 1

And On The 8th Day, ConjuChem Created CJC-1295

A Canadian company called ConjuChem developed something which is not only brilliant but amazing in how it amplifies GHRP-6.  GHRP-6 releases more GH than natural GHRH, but the two together work synergistically to release even more! And it works in a pulsatile fashion as well so there is no shutdown of natural production.  The only problem is to get the maximum effect you would have to inject the two together every 3 hours; thats how long it takes somatostatin to fall off the pituitary and have the pituitary ready for another pulse of GH from GHRP and GHRH. How do you make this better?  ConjuChem modified a synthetic GHRH by changing the amino acid sequence.  It swapped out 4 amino acids so that the enzymes your body releases to break down GHRH can’t chop up the molecule. In addition a Drug Affinity Complex (DAC)  was added which allows the CJC -1295 to bind to albumin protecting it further.  These 2 modifications make it virtually immortal. So instead of GHRH surviving 8 minutes in the blood it survives 8 days!  

Since it lasts 8 days that means after you inject CJC-1295, every time somatostatin levels drop, about every 3 hours, the CJC signals a GH release! If you inject GHRP -6 in a carb free environment you get an amplified response, and stacking Insulin again synergistically amplifies it as well.  Personally I think the insulin is to dangerous; no carbs and Insulin injections tends to result in passing out behind the wheel.   

Dosing and Administration

Doses should be administered in a carb free state.  The three ideal times are first thing in the morning, after you lift, and before bed.  You may eat 30 minutes after administration. If you are going to disregard my warning and have insulin anyway, have it only at the post workout administration.  Doses are 1mcg/KG for either compound. There is no negative consequence of overdosing on CJC, but GHRP-6 will result in cortisol, hunger, and prolactin release. Additionally there is no benefit to having more than 100mcg or so.  So the simple approach is 100mcg of each at those compounds 3 times a day.  This dosing protocol applies to CJC 1295 without the DAC. With the DAC it shouldn’t matter when you have it, but it only really kicks in strong when the GHRP- 6 is administered. 


Although I am a doctor, I’m not your doctor. I’m not suggesting people use illegal drugs.  I wrote this article so that people stop screwing themselves up with hGH.  By explaining a cheaper, less illegal, method with a safe and effective protocol Im hoping to get existing GH users to switch to a better method of increasing their GH levels.  There are also legal supplements to cause GH release.  One of which is an under the tongue spray called LG Sciences GHenerate available in our store here.

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