CJC-1295 Part 1


What’s Growth Hormone?

Growth Hormone (GH) is a hormone released from the pituitary in your brain which is responsible for the growth and maturation of humans to adulthood. As you age its levels decrease, and it signals the body to gradually fall apart. The theory is the key to immortality is preserving growth hormone. Maintaining its levels at the level you normally released at 20 would in theory stop you from aging.  The body never makes less GH, it just releases less. So the key to immortality may not be injecting hGH like so many doctors do now, but instead tricking your body to release what it already has.  Additionally GH directly burns fat, heals injuries, and causes muscle to grow through the action of IGF-1.  This is why professional athletes use it.

Basic Growth Hormone Endocrinology

Normally Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone (GHRH) Binds to its receptor on the pituitary and causes a pulse of GH release.  Enzymes destroy GHRH within minutes so that it doesn’t continue to stimulate GH release.  Why? because continued GH release desensitize GH receptors for one, thus the circulating GH won’t work any more.  

Now that GH is released from the pituitary somatostatin is released. it binds to the pituitary to stop more GH from being released.  Additionally, Growth Hormone Binding Proteins bind to GH and stop it from binding to every possible GH receptor.  Their job is to make GH bind to the receptors its supposed to and not the ones its not supposed to.  Once all the GH in the blood stream is either bound or degraded by enzymes somatostatin levels drop and the pituitary is ready for another GHRH signal to release more GH.

The Rise And Fall of hGH

Injectible (exogenous) GH isn’t as good as real natural GH.  Its been modified to stick around longer and this shuts natural product off. To make matters worse there are not enough circulating binding proteins and this injected GH binds wherever. some theorize it binds to the local tissue and makes that tissue grow, like abdominal muscles and abdominal organs.  Another popular belief is that the GH in the presence of insulin results in a systemic (whole body) release of IGF-1 and this directly grows organs like the spleen and intestine.  


Natural GH is the way to go. There are two receptors for natural GH release.  In a previous article I talked about GHRP-6 which is a synthetic peptide that binds to the Ghrelin receptor.  This causes a natural pulse of GH, It causes GHRH to be released, and it causes a decrease in Somatostatin.   Sounds perfect right? Case closed, its better right?  Well if anything holds true for the bodybuilding community its this; if more is good, way more is better. 

Continued in part 2!  CJC-1295

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