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bodybuilder smilingSteroids: Nilevar is the C-17 alpha ethylated derivative of nortestosterone (nandrolone). This modification renders norethandrolone even more progestational than nandrolone. This steroid is also very similar to norbolethone, having only a methyl group at C-18 instead of an ethyl. This makes norethandrolone less progestational than norbolethone. People often refer to nilevar as “oral deca” and it is often substituted for anavar. Nilevar does have stronger binding to the AR than testosterone but less than that of nandrolone. On the other hand, its binding affinity for the PR is twice that of nandrolone that likely makes it less of a partial agonist and more of a full agonist, similar to trenbolone.

Nilevar may not be an “oral deca” but it has advantages over nandrolone. Nilevar can be taken orally and is less liver toxic than equal does of methandrostenolone due to the fact that the ethyl group seems to have less effect on the liver than the methyl group. Like nandrolone, norethandrolone is 5-alpha reduced to less potent dihydro metabolites1. Unlike nandrolone, norethandrolone converts to ethylestradiol that has almost no activity at the estrogen receptors and may actually act as an antagonist2. Nilevar is a potent steroid that delivers quality gains. Those who receive nilevar as a counterfeit version of anavar will likely notice the difference as they are very different compounds. Nilevar should be effective in doses as little as ten milligrams but most would use it at doses of 30 mg or more. A study in the literature showed that 25 mg per week of norethandrolone produced gains of about half a pound per week or six pounds in twelve weeks with few side effects. 50 mg did not show improved efficacy over 25 mg3.

Like methandrostenolone, Nilevar cause increases in free and total cortisol levels and increases appetite4. Norethandrolone decreases TBG to the same degree as oxandrolone with a compensatory increase in TBPA. This will result in higher free T3 and T3 uptake. The anabolic to androgenic ratio for norethandrolone shows it to be anabolic with lower levels of androgenic activity with both being similar to nandrolone with slightly higher androgenic activity.


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Adapted with permission from Seth Robert’s Anabolic Pharmacology, all rights reserved.

Steroids: Nilevar

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