Anabolic Steroid - Methyltrienolone - Mind And Muscle

muscled guy smilingMethyltrienolone is an experimental steroid that has found its way onto the black market to a limited degree. As you can see from its structure it is very similar to trenbolone except that it is C-17 alpha alkylated which makes it orally active. It is sometimes referred to as methyltrenbolone. While this is technically true, as you can see from the binding data, methyltrienolone is very different from trenbolone. It was designed to have a very large anabolic index and as such it binds very strongly to the androgen receptor. It also binds very strongly to the progesterone receptor and the glucocorticoid receptor1,2.

This molecule is often used as the standard in scientific literature because it is the strongest binder of the AR of any common anabolic steroid. It binds to the AR with 2 to 3 times the affinity of testosterone. However, its affinity for the PR is more than 40 times that of testosterone and 2 to 3 times that of even progesterone. Because of its strong affinity to the AR, much stronger than DHT, this steroid does not need to be converted to a DHT derivative to exert androgenic effects in the scalp, skin and prostate. This strong androgenic effect would likely cause HDL levels to plummet to very low levels. The anabolic to androgenic ratio of this steroid is basically off the chart with anabolic effects being 120 times that of testosterone and androgenic effects being 60 times that of testosterone – and this was compared to methyltestosterone orally.

Methyltrienolone does not bind to SHBG and cannot convert to estrogen3,4. In the scientific literature, methyltrienolone has been shown to be very liver toxic. Doses as low as 100 mcg (0.1 mg) per day resulted in elevations of liver enzymes by as much as eight-fold in the span of just one week5. Because of the high propensity for liver toxicity, it would be unwise for anyone to use this steroid for any length of time. In recent years, methyltrienolone has shown up on the black market. Most users seem to justifiably be fearful of the liver toxicity of this drug and thus, there are few reports on its effectiveness.

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Adapted with permission from Seth Robert’s Anabolic Pharmacology, all rights reserved.

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