Anabolic Steroid - MENT - Mnd And Muscle

bicep curl7-alpha-methyl-nortestosterone (MENT) is currently under investigation for use in men as hormone replacement and a contraceptive. As can be seen from the binding data, MENT has a higher affinity for the androgen receptor than testosterone and a fairly high affinity for the progesterone receptor1. This bears out in the anabolic to androgenic ratio as well which shows MENT to have high anabolic as well as androgenic activity. MENT is very similar in structure to mibolerone except that it is lacking the C-17 alpha alkylation. This reduces its progestational activity considerably but it still quite strong, being more potent than nandrolone and about as potent as dimethandrolone2.

MENT is not converted by 5-alpha reductase to less potent metabolites so it would be expected to be more androgenic than nandrolone3,4,5. Originally, MENT was believed to not convert to estrogenic metabolites through the action of aromatase; however, studies have shown that MENT is, in fact, aromatized4,6. This compound has been shown to be effective at reducing sperm count in healthy men while not causing excessive stimulation at the prostate and allowing for sufficient AR stimulation in other tissues3,7,8. However, the fact that this compound has significant progesterone receptor binding and is converted to a potent estrogen causes severe HPGA shutdown, which is good for contraception, but bad for athletes7,9,10,11. One would have to assume that these affinities would also cause significant water and fat retention as well as a high propensity for gynecomastia. MENT, unlike mibolerone, is not C-17 alpha alkylated so it has very low bioavailability and is generally administered intramuscularly11,12,13.

The C-7 alpha methyl can still cause some elevations in liver enzymes. This steroid is touted as being the optimal steroid for hormone replacement and is apparently under development for that purpose. This steroid should produce effects similar to nandrolone but with greater progestational, androgenic and estrogenic effects. MENT produces quick weight and strength gains that would be useful in a bulking cycle. This steroid has shown up on the black market in recent years in both the raw base and an injectable acetate form. The acetate form would need to be injected daily since MENT acetate was shown to have relatively high clearance in pharmacokinetic studies in man13.

The free base of MENT would be metabolized very quickly and would likely not offer much benefit. Some have apparently been attempting to use the raw base and the acetate orally but since the oral bioavailability is so low, this would require large, frequent doses to see any effect. While this steroid would produce significant gains in mass it should also be expected to cause significant shut down in natural testosterone production.


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Adapted with permission from Seth Robert’s Anabolic Pharmacology, all rights reserved.

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