Anabolic Steroid - Furazabol - Mind And Muscle

intense lifter curlingFurazabol is a DHT derivative with an additional ring, similar in structure to stanozolol. This steroid cannot convert to estrogen and is already 5-alpha reduced so it cannot be reduced further. Furazabol is reported to have much effect on HPGA. Furazabol does not appear to undergo ring opening metabolism like danazol. Unlike stanozolol, furazabol seems to have a fairly short half-life of only about 2 hours1. This steroid was actually used to lower cholesterol. Androgens reduce HDL cholesterol without having much effect on LDL. This can result in a decrease in total cholesterol but we now know that HDL cholesterol is “good” in the sense that it protects the heart while LDL cholesterol is “bad”. Therefore, even though total cholesterol may be reduced, there is actually an increase in cardiovascular risk with these kinds of changes. Furazabol is C-17 alpha alkylated, so it will have some potential for liver toxicity. Furazabol is available on the black market, but most people report little muscular gain with this steroid. This is one of those steroids that seems to have gained popularity in its absence. It was always difficult to find because it was only made in Japan and rarely found its way to the black market. It hasn’t been available for some time in Japan so it took on a mythical quality because so few had actually used it. It is now available on the black market and users are coming face to face with the fact that this steroid is not very effective. It has a fairly good anabolic to androgenic ratio but it just doesn’t seem to deliver significant results in real world use. Perhaps it is due to the half-life or perhaps larger doses are needed to elicit an anabolic response.

1. Kim T, Suh JW, Ryu JC, Chung BC, Park J: Excretion study of furazabol, an anabolic steroid, in human urine .J Chromatogr B Biomed Appl. Dec 6;687(1):79-83, 1996

Adapted with permission from Seth Robert’s Anabolic Pharmacology, all rights reserved.

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