Bikini Competitor Ana Guerra Interview - Mind And Muscle


Quick Stats:

Age: 24

Height: 5’11

Off season weight: 157ish lbs

Stage weight: 148.4 lbs (Currently 6 weeks out)



How did you get started with bodybuilding?

This is my favorite question to answer!  Like a lot of young girls out there, the pressure to be super model skinny consumed a lot of my life.  I was afraid to eat a lot of food and had never lifted a weight in my life until about 4 years ago.  I was a college soccer player and never trained my upper body unless I had to; I hated it because I was always very weak up top.  My legs have always been very strong and I am just genetically built bigger on the bottom.  I wasn’t proportioned, but I didn’t know the difference.  As we all know life happens, and as I came out of a bad relationship depression hit and all I did was run and starve myself.  I would run eight miles every day and do abs because it was the only thing that would clear my head.  In about 2 months I was down 30 pounds and looked like a skeleton!  In a casual game of indoor soccer I ended up tearing my ATF Ligament in my ankle, and then I couldn’t run.  I was depressed and had no idea what to do with myself, running my outlet!!  My boyfriend Zach (we were friends at the time) offered to show me how to lift weights.  He was so sweet helping me hobble around the gym with my crutches and walking boot.  I hated it at first. I complained, he would tell me what to do and I would refuse to do it and then get mad and pout.  

I was such a brat, but he didn’t give up on me and I slowly started falling in love with lifting weights but of course I couldn’t let him know that.  

In January of 2013, I transferred to Eastern Michigan University.  I noticed this girl (who is now one of my coaches, Carmen Grange) and she had the best body I had ever seen.  I was intimidated by her but I couldn’t help but stare and admire her hard work.  It took me a year to build up the courage to join the Eagles Body Building Club and in October of 2014, I was officially on Team Juggernaut being coached by Carl Jackson.  I was instantly addicted.  I have been consistently busting my butt, at a healthy weight, and my confidence is the best it’s ever been.  I tell people all the time, bodybuilding saved my life.  In 6 weeks I will step on stage for the first time at the John Simmons classic, and I am so excited to show off all my hard work and dedication.  


Where does your motivation come from?

ana guerraMY TEAMMATES!! I am so inspired by every single one of them.  Of course my coach CJ as well.  They push me to be better and they provide so much support.  Being a beginner, they were always pushing me to lift outside my comfort zone and push past mental barriers.  I am also motivated by inspiring others, especially my fellow females.  Now a day, being a woman is tough with all the pressures of looking like the girls on magazines.  I have struggled with self-confidence my entire life, and I love helping others learn to love themselves.  One thing I have noticed about women is they are so competitive with each
other.  I am not in competition with anyone unless they are on stage next to me.  We need to lift each other up and stop trying to bring others down! I personally am working on becoming the best version of myself as possible, and inspiring anyone I can throughout my journey.  

Lastly I will say this, growing up I never had a lot friends because I was very quiet and kept to myself.  I was afraid to stand up for myself and was always very timid.  I was the girl that was cut from soccer teams and had coaches who never saw my true potential.  I am motivated by everyone in the past that I have let bring me down and feel worthless.  I cannot wait to step on stage and slap every single one of those people in the face looking and feeling the best I ever have in my life!


What workout routine has worked best for you?

1451407_10208465708787583_5425766210503518729_nLike I said earlier, genetically I am built very bottom heavy.   It’s not my fault, I’m Hispanic! So what has worked best for me? My coach made the decision to train my upper and lower body separately to create balance.  My upper body workouts are more of a bodybuilding style to build the muscles in my shoulders, arms, chest, and back.  I have really long skinny arms so it has taken tons of hard work to achieve the muscle that I do have.   My lower body is a different ball game.  They needed to be scaled down to give up top a chance to catch up and grow.  My leg workouts are split into two separate days a week and everything I did was high reps and lower weight.  I did a lot of plyometric exercises as well.  I think my inner athlete surfaces on those days because I absolutely love training legs!  Now that I am in prep things are a little different, but that foundation is what got my body where I am today! One thing I love about my workouts is that they are always changing weekly and never the same.  


If you only had to pick 3 exercises what would they be and why?

This is tough because I love and appreciate them all.  If I had to pick I would choose bench press, dead lifts and squats because I have always wondered if I would be good at powerlifting.  This way I could focus on strength, but still see results!  BUT that’s only if I absolutely had to pick 3, I love the bodybuilding work too much only have to pick 3!


What is your diet like?

Lord, up till prep it had been the same diet for over a year! It was very easy to follow and I enjoyed eating it! The best part was it worked very well for me.  

Sample of my off season diet:

Meal 1

1 egg

3egg whites

1 oz cheese

½ cup of any veggies

Meal 2

1 serving greek yogurt

1 tbsp natural peanut butter or almond butter

Meal 3

4oz (chicken, turkey, lean ground beef)

2 cups of mixed greens

2tbsp light dressing

Post workout

1 ripe banana

1 scoop Isolate Whey protein

Meal 4

4 oz (90/10 ground beef, fish, turkey, chicken, or salmon)

1 cup cooked brown rice

1 cup of any green veggie

Meal 5

1 cup cooked oatmeal

1 tbsp natural peanut or almond butter


1 serving protein blend


What is one food you can’t live without? And as it gets closer to your competition, how do you deal with cravings?

Well, it’s no surprise I love Mexican food.  I love soft shell corn, grilled chicken and onion tacos with lettuce and cheese!  I crave tacos, queso dip, and ice cream all the time.  I waitress at a Mexican restaurant and it’s a struggle during prep to stay strong and follow the diet.  I love ice cream and gummies as well.  I think during prep my cravings that have been the strongest is for a burger and sweet potato fries!  I keep myself on track by thinking about how far I have come and how much better will taste post competition in May.  My lovely teammate Emma taught me how to make protein ice cream and it’s been perfect at night before bed to kick the cravings, and it tastes wonderful as well!


What’s the one thing you look forward to treating yourself to after your competition?

I don’t have a single thing set in my head yet, but the most exciting thing about it for me is going to be allowed to eat whatever I decide!! As it gets closer I am sure I will have a good idea of what I want!


What’s your secret to staying lean and having run in the off season?

Fortunately I love following my diet even in the off season.  It cheaper when meals are already prepped and I get so busy with school and work I don’t have time to stop and buy anything else.  The best feeling ever comes with coach says “Free eat from 6-9” on Sundays during the offseason.  I get it all out of my system and then am good to restart the week fresh that Monday morning.  


When trying to cut down do you prefer to use HIIT or just normal cardio?

I love doing HIIT! It accomplishes more in a shorter period of time and growing up an athlete it’s fun for me to go outside and do sprints and lunges!  For me it keeps things interesting and regular cardio can be very boring.  Doing HIIT on the stair stepper is brutal, but the feeling after is so satisfying!




What is your supplementation?

Wyked 3.0



Growing up in a very conservative Catholic upbringing how have you overcome being in a sport that has a very revealing nature and very body oriented?  Have you learned to embrace it?  12957172_10208627845240893_433659143_n

It has taken me some time to adjust to the whole bikini competition process and everything that the sport entails.  I am still learning how to be flirty with my poses but still keeping it classy.  As I lean out more and changes show, I know it will make things that much more exciting.  I have always been very self-conscious and modest.  I think being in my first prep and seeing the changes as I lean out has been a huge confidence booster.  I am proud of this body, and I have worked very hard for it.  Through the process, I have been very up-front and honest with my family so that they aren’t blindsided when my show date arrives.  Having the support of my parents has really helped me feel more comfortable as well.  Referencing back to the fact that this is a very body oriented industry, one thing that has always worried me is coming across people who don’t let’s just say don’t have your best interest at heart. Being a woman especially in the fitness industry there will always be times when your put in uncomfortable situations and let’s be honest some men out there are only after one thing! But being managed by IU – Media Group has been great because they protect my public image and want nothing but positive things for me. The owner Josh has truly been a godsend. There are times when being young and attractive can has its advantages, but you need to be very careful. Being surrounded by the good people I have been blessed with, I have full confidence they will keep me protected and safe


Favorite Quote:

There are so many good ones out there, but lately this one has been extremely helpful…

“When you continuously compete with others you become bitter, but if you continuously compete with yourself you become better.” –unknown

“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.”  -unknown


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