ALT - 711

ALT -711 AKA Alagebrium was touted as an anti aging drug, but now is tested for erectile dysfunction.

ALT -711 AKA Alagebrium was touted as an anti aging drug, but now is tested for erectile dysfunction.


Alagebrium (ALT-711) is an AGE-breaker, a compound that dissolves some forms of advanced glycation end-products (AGEs), compounds implicated in the damage of aging. Extensive research was done on this compound as a possible fountain of youth, a fabled way to live forever disease free.  

Unfortunately ALT-711 was abandoned during human trials due to it having little use in humans. It seems AGEs play a bigger role in rats than in humans.

Despite this, there is still research being conducted to see how cardiovascular health of diabetics and erectile dysfunction can be treated with ALT – 711.

This diagram shows where ALT-711 blocks crosslinking

This diagram shows where ALT-711 blocks crosslinking


In one study ALT-711 was shown to increase vascular health in treated diabetic rats when compared to control diabetic rats.  

In another study ALT-711 was tested with viagra to see if it would amplify the effects of viagra.  Diabetic rats were tested and it was shown that ALT-711 with Viagra is better than Viagra alone.  

If it doesn’t work in humans but only in rats then why test it? I can see that it is a great compound if you’re a diabetic rat with heart disease or with erectile dysfunction.  

Well there was one study done on cardiovascular health of elderly humans in 2001. In this study they found that ALT-711 decreased the systolic blood pressure by 5 mmHg, 5 more than the control. Additionally it was found to increase the compliance of the arteries during systole by 15%. Ejection fraction and cardiac output were unchanged however.  

This means in elderly humans ALT-711 does make changes but does not really improve heart function, It would be a good treatment for Diastolic Heart Failure, but not Systolic Heart Failure.


ALT-711 does not appear to decrease aging or symptoms of aging in adult humans.  Perhaps it will be a good second line or adjunct drug to Viagra and other phosphodiesterase inhibitors.


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