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Allison Bell’s First Blog Post!

My name is Allison Bell and I am 155lbs. I am a student at Eastern Michigan University. Today is 12/15/14 and my workout was chest/back. My day was slow and the normal process began once I woke up. Breakfast, then relax, then class,  pre workout protein, and Wyked 2.1 pre-workout. I take my Wyked  thirty minutes before my work out. So finals are this week and I’m making sure I get all my workouts in still.

The workout today consisted of:
-pec deck 12r x 3s
-incline bench press 10r x 3s
-close grip pull downs 20r x 3s
-seated close grip rows 10r x 3s
-superset dips and dumbbell pullovers 20r x 3s

I took a video of me doing seated close grip rows and I was proud to start at 142 and end at 166. Reps were rough to get through and I was pushing through to get the last few in. I can’t wait to pull 200 at some point in the future.

The last exercise was brutal. The superset tested my limits, I felt like I was dizzy, going to puke at some point, while having some black outs in between sets. I could tell my workout was a success. When I get to that point I understand I need to be done with the workout soon but it means that I pushed myself as hard as I could and left nothing behind.

Ended up having a cheat weekend so also I was low on protein from all the crap I ate this weekend.

-bacon cheeseburger and fries
-dinner: turkey, rice, beef, tortillas, potato cakes, and a cupcake
-breakfast: 2 fluffy vanilla and chocolate chip pancakes, 5 rolls
-lunch: half a hungry howies large pizza and diet Pepsi
– dinner: mcdonalds burgers and fries and diet coke
-desert: doughnuts at the Ypsilanti bakery open 24 hours

While being low on protein this weekend shows me that, one: Americans pay too much for food on a normal basis.

Two: carbs make me exhausted.

Three: I felt horrible. Body was rejecting the food which is good cuz it makes me feel better about my diet and with how little protein. I had in me my workout was harder and I was still sore from my precious workouts. Usually my body repairs it’s self pretty quickly but this weekend was a longer process.

All in all a good diet and a workout schedule can help your body and you feel better I your every day life.


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