Allison Bell's Blog 12/30/14 - Mind And Muscle

The New Year is coming!


Christmas is over and everyone has had a week or so to just enjoy family, friends and food. Our team ended up getting Christmas eve and Christmas off of working out which was good because those were some busy days.


Right before the holidays I decided to turn into wonder woman and break a bunch of my records on leg day. I am starting to see size everywhere and I have been lifting more than I ever have lately. I’m going to just say its because all the food I have been eating.


I have been carb back loading and saving all the bad food for after 6pm.  That was great while it lasted but I have been getting anxious to start getting back on the diet. I developed a layer of fluff on my tummy but I know as soon as I get back on the diet it will shed right off.



So this tomorrow or Friday I should fully be back on the strict diet that I need to do a show in the fall.


This Sunday my coach is looking over all of our progress and figure out what we need to work on, he will also be switching up diets if need be, and he is telling us for sure which show we are doing for 2015.


This week is a de-loading week with our workouts.


They are around 30 to 45 minutes that range from 6-12 reps of only 3 sets. These weeks are short and most of us want to do a lot more but there is a reason we do these weeks. Mainly to give us a rest week before he kicks our butt the next week.

It’s like a week of rest but you still get to go to the gym and work your butt off.


This week for the second time in a row he is giving us two leg days. One day of hamstrings and calves and the other works out quads and calves.


The week has been going slow, trying to get ready for classes to start back up in a week, as well as work and also trying to pay for these books that seem to be worth hundreds of dollars.


The new class schedule isn’t that rough I enjoy it a lot, I think I will have a lot of fun with my motor development class, hopefully learning some things that can benefit not only my degree but the gym as well.


Will keep you updated on the news of which show I will be doing once I find out on Sunday!


Allison Bell’s Blog 12/30/14

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