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Finals Week!


So I suspected this week would be a relaxing week because a lot of team Juggernaut has finals. We need the energy to study and get good rest so we can perform not only in the gym but in our classes as well.


So last week we had three off days:



Chest and Back

-Different combination this week but that was only because we hit legs three days last week and missed a back day!



20 minutes of cardio

-Steve the Stairmaster has my name on his list all this week!


steve stairmaster





Was able to kill Biceps and Triceps and I was pretty excited.

-Getting tips from my coach on better form made my arms days so much more enjoyable.




20 Minutes of cardio




Leg day

-Had a break from leg day for about five days. I was so ready to get back in the gym and work these monsters till they were dead.

-Turns out I ended up leg pressing 450lbs and doing 110lbs on the leg curl for new personal record. I have been taking it light on the leg extensions and the leg curls since I was injured but today felt great. Tonight so far has been rough on the knee.

-Time to Ice and rest it for a while before hitting them hard again.

-Also my butt is so sore that it hurts to sit down so safe to say I worked my hamstrings to the max today.

-Seeing a lot of progress in the definition I am getting in my quads and hoping to see lots more.

-Hopefully starting a full bulk soon to add more mass!







20 minutes of cardio

So last week we were supposed to send our diets to our coach so he could switch them up for us.





Back and biceps was the set work out for the girls


I was happy to see that I was placed with one of the new members named Nique! She was a track star before she wanted to start lifting. The goal for her was to add some size.


Nique keeps up with me very well she is a natural born athlete, she can keep up with not only my fast pace but also can keep up with me on some exercises weight wise.


She always tells me how much she loves the push and determination I have in the gym. Telling me that I train like a guy because I am able to push her past her limits.

No other girl has been able to do that with her yet.


I see a lot of greatness in her future as long as she keeps it up she can add as much size on her as she wants.


Otherwise back day is my favorite so I always can push myself to the limits. I can tell lots of difference week by week. My favorite exercise is close grip seated rows; I have huge numbers on that. The other exercises I keep focusing on are done with weight that I can do great form on with adding holds on the last set. Slowly trying to build the size and strength so that I can pull higher weight.


Every week with my team is a different adventure.


Well I don’t get a change in my diet.

For me I don’t mind not getting a change I was enjoying the diet I was on.


So a little insight to my diet well its a lot of chicken and vegetables! Pretty much my go to no matter what in any girls diet. High in protein and vegetables with some fats added in, like almonds.


As women we cant have a lot of fats or carbs in our diets because we will hang on to it in our stomach or hips or our butt, mainly because our body is getting ready to have a child so its just our normal hormone levels.

chicken prep


Above is a picture of the chicken I bake. I use lots and lots of seasoning and salsa; I pretty much drown the chicken with water and put it in the oven to bake for 45 minutes. It keeps it very moist.


Now that finals are done, I feel like I can finally relax a little bit. I have been struggling with school lately and not very determined to do much of anything. I really need to relax and figure out what I can do to stay interested in school and homework. So now that I have a break I not only plan to focus on my workouts and the holiday but I do plan to get more motivated school wise.


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Allison Bell’s Blog 12/21/14

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