All about Prohormones | Prohormone Basics 101

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This article will cover all of the aspects of running a prohormone cycle. This should not be construed as medical advice, but as a generic outline of how a cycle runs. Before taking on Prohormones you should be at least 21 of age and in good health. Anyone taking drugs, alcohol, or any other potentially harmful medication should consult a doctor before taking them. Prohormones can cause unwanted health problems if legal ones aren’t used, so invest time to knowing what you’re taking.


There are several 17aMethyl Prohormones and steroids available, but be aware that any compound with 17aMethyl has the potential to cause harsh liver damage, even more so if combined with drugs and alcohol. Even simple pain killers can cause added stress on the liver when 17aMethyl is used. Furthermore 17aMethyl steroids are illegal by FDA Laws, therefore, using and selling them has pricey risks. It is highly recommended that you avoid these products and use 100% Natural DSHEA Legal Prohormones. Anyone choosing to use illegal Prohormones should never run a cycle for more than a maximum of 4 weeks. The most common liver protectant supplements is NAC (N-Acetyl-Cystine) ran at 1g per day. Lastly, 17aMethyl compounds can drastically affect your blood pressure and cholesterol. Take a fish oil supplements at 6gs per day for Cholesterol and Hawthorne Berry at 1-3g per day depending on blood pressure.


Legal DSHEA Prohormones don’t stress the liver like illegal 17aMethyl compounds do, therefore, liver protectants aren’t absolutely necessary. It is possible that cholesterol levels may slightly change; taking a fish oil supplement will easily balance this out. We do not advocate the use of Illegal Anabolic steroids, Natural DSHEA Prohormones are the far more natural and legal.

How to improve Prohormone Cycles

Along with liver protectants, there are many co-factors that can improve bio-availability and performance of your prohormone. L-Carnitine Tartrate helps the absorption of testosterone by increasing Andro sensitivity at 2g per day. Many believe zinc will also increase the potency of a cycle.  Other popular cycle supports include: CoC10, Saw Palmetto, Celery Seed Extract, Grape Seed Extract, and Vitamin C.

Mixing Wet and Dry (1+1=3 effect)

In order to keep andro receptors “popping” many lifters mix different hormones. What this means is that you are stacking a hormone that has a higher conversion rate to estrogen (Wet) with one that does not (Dry). Wet hormones are generally better used for bulking up and dry hormones are used for cutting weight and adding strength. Doing so many experienced lifters report having better results. For example, taking 100mg of a dry hormone and 100mg a wet hormone together will produce greater results than 200mg of a single type alone. Stacking two 17aMethyl Prohormones can overly stress the liver and should be avoided.


When taking any prohormone there is a small chance of forming gynocomastia (Breasts) in certain men. Although 99%+ never have this problem, it is recommended to take an anti-estrogen in caution to this. Anti-estrogen supplements will block estrogen from reaching its receptors and stop conversion in its tracks. Doing so will also preserve all of the hard earned gains made in the gym!

If this is followed correctly, you will find the road to a successful prohormone cycle!

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