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All about Andro 2012 Q & A

questions and answers about AndroAndrostenedione, commonly known as Andro is the fastest selling natural based supplement available for serious athletes. What was created in a lab many years and become incredibly popular in the past 10 years. Below you will find a question and answer article that discusses the most commonly asked questions about the current version of legal Andro on the market.

Q. Is DSHEA legal Andro the same as illegal anabolic steroids?

A. No. Andro is very different from anabolic steroids. Anabolic steroids (AA’s) are synthetic analogs of testosterone that require a deal of chemistry to create. These synthetic versions of naturally produced hormones, when supplemented, bring a number of unwanted side effects. One particular side effect is the “shut down” of one’s natural production of hormones, which can result in loss of hard earned gains. DSHEA legal Andro when used correctly, following the given instructions of the manufacture, are both safe and natural- and best of all entirely legal! Andro converts into testosterone by going through a step-step conversion once entering the body exogenously.

Q. I’m not 18, but I’m looking to use Andro. Is it safe for me?

A. No one under 18 should EVER consider using any form of Andro. Anyone under the age of 21 already has considerably high testosterone and should optimize their youthful test levels with good nutrition before using prohormones.

Q. I keep hearing the term “Andro Pause”. Can older lifters (40+) use Andro safely?

A. Today in men’s health there is overwhelming talk about “Low T” and “Andro Pause”. For men at age 40, and in some cases even 30, doctors are recommending testosterone therapy. Research has concluded that men are exposed to many environmental estrogens which are entering the body exogenously. Estrogen levels are much higher than they were 20 years ago. Naturally the body’s testosterone declines a significant percent each year after turning 30. Due to the increase in estrogen and decrease in testosterone men are at risk for obesity and acquiring sexual dysfunctions. A sense of restored youthful vigor is often reported with the first week. Whether you’re at work or at the gym, you can become more attentive and increase your capacity for work demand and add that desired confidence in the bedroom.

Find the answers about legal andro today!Q. Can I drop body fat percentage and still increase muscle mass with Andro?

A. Absolutely! The University Of Washington School Of Medicine, analyzed the body fat percentages and carbohydrate metabolism of 110 middle aged men over 7.5 years. The highest increase in body fat occurred in men with the lowest testosterone levels- this was to no surprise. Continuous studies find that this declining state of anabolism creates the environment for decreased sex drive, depression and metabolic disorders such as; coronary artery disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes.

Q. What should my routine and diet look like while supplementing Andro?

A. The key factor to achieving your goals in CONSISTENCY in both diet and exercise. For those looking to increase sports performance, continue to train as before. For those looking to gain muscle mass, increase your workload with heavier weight and keep reps low. A common set would look like this: (5/3/1). Your diet should consist of 1.5/2 grams of protein per body weight, low to moderate in carbs and keep sugar to a minimum.

Q. Who should not supplement Andro?

A. Andro is not for use of children, pregnant or nursing women. Women are not suggested to use this product due to its masculinizing effects. Do not use Andro and Andro related products if you have breast, uterine, ovarian, or prostate cancer, or any other medical condition without first consulting a physician.

Q. Is Andro legal for me to use?

A. Andro supplements that are sold today are entirely legal in the United States. Those who live outside the U.S should consult local authorities to inquire the countries laws regarding

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