Alex Scicluna's Blog 12/4/14 - Mind And Muslce

Alex Scicluna’s Blog 12/4/14

It’s that time of week on campus! Thirsty Thursday! And you know what that means! It means I’ll be promptly staying home (like a boss), doing some cleaning, homework and watching Big Cat Week on Nat Geo. After the past three days of watching Big Cat Week, I’ve come to one conclusion. We’re soft. As a species humans beings have adapted the world around us so we didn’t have to adapt to it. It no longer takes excellent genetics to survive. We no longer have to hunt for our food, now we just go down the street to Taco Bell and snag up a couple cheesy gordita crunchs. Being a Lion is f*#!*@$ hard. They have to kill their prey that more often than not, fights back. We don’t have to worry about adult males killing us because we aren’t their offspring. It’s a world where only the best genetics survive. Ruthlessness, ferocity, cunning and size/strength. Traits often overlooked unless in sports. Takeaway note, lets be thankful we weren’t born into a harsher environment and try to live up to our genetic potential.

lions fightin

Since the last post I’ve hit chest, back and arms. Definitely starting to see some benefits of T2. On chest day I was able to knock out two sets of 225 Incline Bench for 8 reps each. Before that day I was normally getting 225 for a set before dropping back down. Back day was mildly normal except for hitting 276 on an eight rep set of close grip seated rows, which happens to be a 24lb PR. Arm day was completely brutal. Bicep tendonitis has completely set in and it made doing my bicep sets painful as all aitch eee double hockey sticks. So that got cut short. Triceps were pie, as usual since they’re one of my favorite groups to train. Friday and Saturday are offdays and Legs on Sunday! Coach has given me from Xmas to New Years off for a little R&R before I get back on the bulk grind and add a few more lbs before my show in 2015!

Go to the gym. Be ruthless. Be fierce. Be a damn Lion.

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