Alex Scicluna's Blog 12/10/14 - Mind And Muslce

Alex Scicluna’s Blog 12/10/14

W0000t! Its that time of the semester again. I know everyone knows what I’m talking about. Finals week is upon us! 80%, if not all of your professors spent to much time explaining topics that the kid in the front row constantly asks questions about. Now the professor realizes they have to squeeze in five more chapters in the last two weeks of class and the week before finals, you’re sitting there cursing the stupid kid in the front row, studying, reading your text book like….shiite, I’m so screwed.


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So the picture on the left was taken about three weeks ago, the one on the right this morning. I appear visibly more lean than I was all while increasing my weight on the scale. T2 has definitely helped play a role in my fat loss, as well as the strength increase in nearly every lift. And yes, I’m aware my bed head is completely out of control.

Sunday was Back and Biceps with Team Juggernaut. I was my normal, run of the mill workout. Push push push, (or in this case pull, pull, pull) and eventually I end up dry heaving. Nothing quite like working your ass off. Speaking of working your ass off. Shout out to Stephen Welsh for coming and working out with me for the first time. The volume and intensity definitely pushed him to levels he didn’t know existed in himself. Congrats on your self awakening brother. Biceps was relatively short, YAY tendinitis!

Monday was shoulders and abs. Got 45s for my pre fatigue sets of lateral raises. 10 sets of shoulder press will destroy anyones shoulders. I left the gym feeling like I had half a bowling ball at the top each arm.

Tuesday was quads and calves. First time in a long time that I’ve actually been able to get something resembling half a decent workout for the lower body. For some reason my knee loves the leg press and hates everything else at the moment, so I stuck to the leg press. I used really light weight, (2 plates on each side) and eccentrically held 10 sets 10 reps for anywhere between 2 and 10 seconds, depending how much I wanted to rip them apart. After that was over I did single leg press with one plate on each side for 2 sets of 10 on my weaker leg.

Today was chest and tris. Hit weight PRs for the pec dec pre fatigue before moving on to the incline bench. Like before, did 10×10 and around set 7 my shoulder started to act up. I lightened the load a bit and really focused on eccentric holds, form and tempo to make the lighter weight feel much heavier than it was without pissing off my shoulder more than it already was. Triceps got limited range of motion to keep from pissing off the tendinitis. As much as I love the gym and love going in to kill it every single day, my body is really looking forward to this xmas break rest.


See ya’ll in a couple days

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