Alcohol and Bodybuilding


Alcohol and Bodybuilding

Although a lower percentage of bodybuilders drink than the normal percentage of drinkers in the population, many people who compete do in fact drink alcohol. I found the greatest amount of alcohol in bodybuilding with the bikini competitors. Many of these girls I had to write alcohol into their diet.

The housewives would lie and say they only have a glass of wine or 2 that they can’t live without, when you could tell they drink far more. But the bikini competitors would openly admit that they hammer drinks all weekend often margaritas, long islands, and shots of fireball. All shitty choices.

Calories in Alcohol

“Alcohol is carbs isn’t it?” OMG the number of times I’ve heard that. Alcohol is alcohol, a completely different compound. It’s a hydrocarbon chain with an alcohol group, in the drinkable kind’s case it’s ethanol.
eth- means 2 carbons,
-an- means no double bonds between the carbons,
-ol means a -OH group instead of an -H atom at the prime position on carbon 1, called an alcohol group.
Eth-an-ol; 2 carbon single bonded alcohol.

Another way to describe ethanol is a hydroxylated, saturated, 2 membered hydrocarbon.

Carbohydrates have multiple oxygens in the structure and have six carbons or five carbons. The 6 carbon ones are the ones that build muscle, the 5 carbon ones come from fruit and honey and will only turn to fat if you don’t use them, but don’t release insulin either.

Carbo- has carbon,
-hydr- has water,
-ate has multiple oxygens.
Carbo-hydr-ate: compound with carbons, water, and multiple oxygens.

See! They are completely different!! The names describe the molecule, the less similar the name, the less similar the molecule. Can’t fuck it up, chemistry is idiot proof:)

That being said, carbohydrates have 4 calories per gram, alcohol has 7, and fat has 9. Alcohol, like MCT oil and Fructose (our 5 membered carbohydrate) is a fast and available energy source!

A tablespoon of MCT oil has 14 g fat and thats 126 calories,

A shot of hard liquor that’s 100 proof is 50% alcohol. 1 shot is 1 ounce so that means 50% of 28 ml = 14 ml. Alcohol has a density of 79% of water so 14ml x .79 = means about 11 g of alcohol per shot. that’s 77 calories per shot.

1 beer has the same amount of alcohol as 4 oz of wine or 1 oz of 100 proof liquor.

This is all called “1 drink” as a way of standardizing how much alcohol someone has had. Most women get this confused with the amount of drinks they ORDERED, but most girl drinks are MORE THAN ONE “Drink” per drink.

1 shot is 1 drink.
A long island has 5 ½ shots, or a total of 2.5 drinks!

Usually a margarita has 2-6 shots in it, meaning its actually 2-6 drinks not one.

This means if you do 2 margaritas at dinner, 2 long island’s at the bar, 3 shots of fireball, and 3 shots of jameson, you didn’t have 10 drinks in 3 hours, you had 15-23 drinks! Thats the same as 4-5 BOTTLES of wine, or 3 six packs of beer, Mike’s, or Smirnoff Ice.

Thats why these girls ‘get fat’ after their show, not their thyroid.

Just in the alcohol calories alone thats 77 x 15-23 = 1155-1771 calories. Now add the sugar from the margaritas at 300 calories each and 100 from the long islands and your girls night cost about 1900-2800 in calories from booze alone. Add 1000 for nachos and for about $100-150 you just blew 2900 – 3800 calories; on a woman thats about 12 to fifteen days worth of fat loss reacquired.

As you can see cheating on your diet like this weekly will actually make you go backward, as one night like this would put a woman back 2 weeks and a man back about 3 or 4 days.

Male Bodybuilders and Alcohol

I use women as the example because typically bodybuilding men don’t drink. Men tend to have either played sports or been in the military or did something that taught them enough discipline and self control to put winning first. Men tend to stick to their diets fairly well. They may cheat on their diet if they don’t have their food with them, but they typically don’t binge, unless the diet is to low in calories and they have starvation response. Men may drink a beer or 6 every day, but they don’t go out on guys night and get completely shit faced when they are getting ready for a competition.

Infact, I don’t think I have ever met a bodybuilding pre contest who drank alcohol even with cheat meals.

Now on the other hand some people are Alcoholics. I will have 15 years alcohol free next week and in those years I have helped a lot of people get and stay sober; in programs, in community service, as a counselor, AA table leader, as a primary care physician, as a psychiatric intern, as a husband, a boyfriend, a coach….

I do feel total abstinence is Ideal, but some people don’t want to stop. For those people I can make compromises.

Since alcohol is such a dense calorie source, it makes sense to allow alcoholics to use alcohol instead of MCT oil and fructose or at least in conjunction for energy. Now, it is useless to drink alcohol if you’re not going to use the energy immediately, this means that alcohol should only be had before cardio, lifting, dancing, and sex.

Cheat Nights Done Better

Often Women like to go out dancing on girls night. Dancing uses a lot of energy and they usually drink when they go out. Women like drinks like Margaritas and Fireball because of the enormous amount of sugar in these drinks. This is where they get the idea that alcohol is carbs, the alcohol THEY drink is mostly carbs.

For cheat meals I often had women go out with their friends, but they could have nachos or other carb foods, with margaritas and shots of fireball under the condition they kept dancing. That is if they really are going out to go dancing, then any alcohol and simple carbs they have they will burn off.

If it’s a date, not dancing, a steak and a rum and diet coke or a diet red bull and vodka is fine. The carbs aren’t needed, but if they are supposed to have carbs that cheat meal as in they still have a functional thyroid and your reseting it, then carbs with that meal are fine.

Additionally what some bikini competitors have done is put vodka in their Wyked 3.0. This provides 77 calories of energy per shot, and it is supposed to make the workout a lot more fun. No performance won’t be decreased from one shot.

With men this isn’t really necessary, most men would rather smoke weed and save their calories for food. But if a guy did want to add alcohol to his cheat meal I would say have at it. The carbs in the beer would help him get more carbs in than if he just tried to eat straight carbs alone. Remember, with men it’s to hard to get enough clean food in on your cheat day so often dirty food has to be used, having the extra carbs from beer may be the difference needed to actually store some of that cheat meal as glycogen, not just burn it off.

I for one can’t have just one cheat meal typically, I have to drag it out over hours and multiple meals to gain any weight back, if I just have one meal no matter what it is I will wake up the next day lighter. For ectomorphs like me beer would be perfect (instead of water).

I do want to point out that the alcohol is pretty traumatic to the liver when mixed with illegal AAS. The Oral AAS and the injectable do put enough strain on the liver that if you were to mix them with large amounts of alcohol you may have one of those liver conditions you here people blame ‘AAS’ for. You see, to those normal people, its not the alcohol thats the problem, because they drink. Its the AAS. Even though alcohol is bad for everyones liver, and AAS aren’t really that bad fo your liver unless you drink.

Alcohol actually changes your body chemistry in a bad way and I will get into that in the Alhohol Article, to be completed soon.  For more on Bodybuilding click here!


Nothing in this article or on this site should be considered medical advice or as an endorsement to violate any law of the country in which you reside.  The information given is for fun and entertainment purposes only.  All claims are 100% dependent upon proper diet and exercise.  Please consult a medical practitioner prior to any diet and exercise program.




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