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Drugs In Sports: Seriously?

I laugh everyday at people who are outraged at the thought of athletes using drugs in their given sport. The very same people who stand the moral high ground and are outraged by these “cheaters!” Yes, the vast majority of these people who have cheated on their taxes, on their spouses, and on college exams, are outraged that these “role models” use PED’s (performance enhancing drugs). First off, drugs in sports are far more prevalent than many people know. It is the rare clean athlete who excels these days. More often than not, the guys who are at the top of the game are using PED’s. People were outraged that Lance Armstrong was dirty? So people were shocked that the best athlete in the dirtiest sport on earth used PED’s? Make me wonder about the intelligence of the average person. The Tour De France is filthy when it comes to drugs. This isn’t recent. As early as 1903, riders used strychnine and rags with ether on them to stave off fatigue and pain. When Lance Armstrong had his titles vacated for 7 years, not one of his titles could be given to the second or third place riders because 20-21 riders had been caught or implicated in PED use at some point in their career. But Lance Armstrong is a bad guy?


Athletes Are Not Role Models Nor Should They Be

When guys became professional athletes, they didn’t sign up to be role models. They just got good at playing a game. Sports are just entertainment, nothing more, nothing less. Our world is a win at all cost place. Many of the people who achieve success at sport come from impoverished areas. So guys who got treated “differently” their whole lives for being athletic, are suddenly supposed to be role models? Half the guys in the NFL come from poor, broken families. So these people with no role model themselves are supposed to become something they have no experience with? A role model should be a doctor, a scientist, an agent of change socially, or just your parents. I loved athletics and looked up to those guys, but my opinion of them was just for their ability, not how they acted. Parents need to do a better job of explaining who and what is important. At the end of the day, if the Detroit Lions win or lose means little to my life. I liked that Lance Armstrong was a big fund raiser for cancer, but I knew he was an arrogant prick. Having been around Olympic and professional athletes and coaches, I knew all I needed to know about sports.


Peyton Manning: Crucifying An American Icon

So the latest athlete to be caught in the cross-hairs of the media is Peyton Manning. Now his name is brought up in the same breath as these all the proven cheaters without failing a test. You know my response? Who cares? Why, because even if Peyton Manning used GH, so what? The time frame was 2011. Peyton had just had neck surgery and wasn’t playing ball that year anyhow. So if he did in fact use GH to heal from his injuries so he could come back and “entertain” people, good for him. He did what it took to make it back to a game he loved to entertain rabid NFL fans. Funny how people who play in the Chicago or Boston Symphony Orchestra’s never get accused of cheating by using beta blockers? Well, their use is rampant in classical music to combat “stage fright.” So these people are cheaters too? Give me a break. The upper echelon in almost everything competitive is full of “cheaters.” Personally, I call it leveling the playing field. Now Peyton Manning is the latest American hero to come under derision of drugs in sports. The very people who want his head on a platter have probably done far worse things in their lives, but oh how easy it is to point a finger!


Drugs In Sports: A Simple Fix

If you want to rid sports of drugs, get rid of the money. Stop charging millions of dollars in ticket prices and stop paying millions of dollars in salaries to essentially play a “game” children play for no money. Demonetize it and bye bye drugs. The players wont risk their health to make $100,000 per year. That won’t happen because there are many people who make millions off the sport and have never had their bodies beaten up like these players. So those who stand in judgement are people who have never had to suffer the physical abuse players do to earn their fat paychecks. Many of these sports destroy the athletes bodies, but the athletes deal with it to earn those paychecks. Its akin to a boxing manager getting 20% of a boxers purse and never taking a punch. I don’t agree with the drug’s, but it is how these sports were built. Fans come to see crazy performances such as 450 ft home runs and 6’5″ defensive ends who run 4.5 second forty yard dashes. These things generally don’t happen without PED’s. So would fans really even come as often? I highly doubt it if the performances became ordinary that people would want to watch. In the Al Jazeera documentary, they kept referring to Delta-2 as a drug. It’s actually a prohormone that is legal for the general public to buy but not legal for an athlete to use? So how does this work? Joe the accountant can take prohormones to do better in the gym, but Lance Armstrong would be crucified for using the same? I don’t pretend to know all the answers, but I can’t stand the hypocrisy of the average person.

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