Advantages of Prohormones vs Steroids

Advantages of Prohormones vs. Steroids

Prohormones are NOT gone! They are alive and well in 2015! There are several advantages of Prohormones vs steroids and I will help you understand that when all the pros and cons are weighed out, prohormones are the better option for 90% or more of men.

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Advantages of Prohormones vs Steroids: Toxicity

Some people have heard that prohormones are worse for you than steroids. The reason is many of the prohormones which were legal up until the 2014 DASCA legislation were in fact not prohormones, but designer anabolic steroids falsely marketed as prohormones.

This is a problem because in oral steroids a methyl group is added to carbon 17 so that the steroids can survive being taken orally instead of being injected. This “methylation” makes these very toxic on your liver. VERY, VERY toxic if you drink on it!

Prohormones in the Mind and Muscle store do not contain a methyl group on carbon 17 and thus are not banned by the 2014 DASCA. As a matter of fact, the main ingredients are named as EXEMPT from EVER being banned. Congress would have to pass a separate law just to ban the prohormones we sell.

Advantages of Prohormones vs Steroids: Legality

Why am I making such a big deal about how prohormones are legal and steroids and banned “prohormones” are not? Because it’s serious prison time to be arrested with steroids on you. This isn’t marijuana, possession of steroids will get you PRISON time. Some cases are as much as 10 years in prison.

Think about that.

Instead of getting the same results from the same active hormones with prohormones you have to risk going to prison to use steroids.

Advantages of Prohormones vs Steroids: Needles

The best prohormones are the ones which you take sublingually, this means you put it under the tongue. There are huge veins there and the way these prohormones are made allows them to pass into your bloodstream through your tongue veins. This allows it to skip your liver and thus they don’t need to be methylated (remember how that is what makes them toxic and illegal?)

Now the non-oral steroids, the ones not methylated, have to be injected with needles. Some questions you need to answer yes to before you play with needles:

*Are you trained in proper needle use?

*Have you had trained in maintaining a sterile field?

*Are you proficient in disinfecting an injection site?

*What angle do you come in at?

*Where are all the arteries?

*Where are the important nerves?

*Which muscles absorb oil better than others?

*How large of an injection bolus do you use for each muscle?

*Do you know the half lives of each of your oils so you can maintain a steady state concentration of anabolic delivery?

*Which muscles release the steroids into the bloodstream faster than others?

*Do you inject before you train or after?

If you inject your vein you get a oil embolus which gets lodged in your lung called a pulmonary embolus. Does Suffocating and drowning on your deca sound like fun?

After reading this I hope your convinced this is over your head.

Remember, the mainstream public sees all needle users as murderous junkies and we can’t change their mind. Imagine how hard of a time you’re going to have trying to convince someone you know what you’re doing.

Advantages of Prohormones vs Steroids: Quality

When you buy a prohormone from Mind and Muscle or any other reputable web site you get what’s on the label or a little more. Thats the law.

When you order steroids over the internet a few things may happen:

*Your IP address may be flagged by the DEA or INTERPOL

*Your illegal drugs may be sized by customs

*You may get caught and go to prison for importing illegal drugs into the USA and you’ll be charged with intent to distribute


When you buy it in the gym or on the street this is what your getting:

*Homemade steroids in someone’s kitchen or bathroom. Not in a sterile environment.

*heavy metals cause Alzheimer’s disease and are common in homemade steroids.

*The gear (steroids) on top of being potentially contaminated may be under dosed, to acidic causing pain, or overdosed. None of these will allow you to control your dose well as unlike prohormones which kick in in hours and are out of your system in 3 days, injectible steroids don’t kick in for 4 weeks and stay active for as much as 12 months. So if you are losing hair or have gyno or can’t get an erection then you may have to stay like that for weeks or months. EVEN IF YOU’RE AN EXPERT incorrectly labeled steroids WILL mess up your cycle and thus your competition prep.

Legal and Safe Alternative

Now if you are interested in the only legal prohormones, which are both safe and effective then look no further! We designed 2 systems for you. The Advanced Cut Stack has everything you need for your first prohormone cycle with everything from diet and training to when you take which supplement elaborately detailed for you. We also have an Advanced Mass Stack. We designed the stacks, diets, and training programs and the Stacks come with all your non-steroidal body building supplements as well, also designed by me.

So if you want to gain muscle or lose fat we have 2 complete systems with every element accounted for and they WILL WORK if you work them 100%.

If you already are an expert and you just need to know how the prohormones stack up to illegal gear here is what you need to know:

4-Andro converts to Testosterone

1-Andro converts to 1-Testosterone which works like Primobolan

pBold converts into Boldenone, or EQ

EpiAndro works like Masteron

17 ProAndro works like Winstrol

If you want to recreate Tren add 1-Andro, to 17 ProAndro and add 6-Mass

To recreate Anavar use  1-Andro and Epiandro

To recreate Anadrol use 4-Andro + 1-Andro + Epiandro

Now please keep in mind EVERYBODY is different and these are on paper the same but in each person each prohormone (and steroids) work slightly different and when you mix them you get completely different effect. That’s why I’m telling you how to replace your current or prospective steroids in your cycle with our safe and legal prohormones which do have the potential to give you the similar effects.


Nothing in this article or on this site should be considered medical advice or as an endorsement to violate any law of the country in which you reside.  The information given is for fun and entertainment purposes only.  All claims are 100% dependent upon proper diet and exercise.  Please consult a medical practitioner prior to any diet and exercise program.






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