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Omega 3 from fish oil is the best omega 3.  It is the Muscle Building fat!

How Omega-3 Fatty Acids Protect Your Brain

Omega-3 fatty acids offer protection against depression, physical blows and falls, and lots more. Japanese researchers at the University of Hiroshima believe they have worked out how omega-3 fatty acids work: they probably stimulate the production of ...
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How To Prevent Impingement In Your Shoulder

The medical term is subacromial impingement syndrome, but in the gym it's usually just called impingement: an injury which causes pain when you raise your arm sideways, lie on your damaged shoulder and sometimes even ...
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Decline Bench Press Better For Pecs Than Incline Bench Press

The incline bench press is almost as popular in gyms as the flat bench press, while the decline bench press is often neglected. And that's a shame. According to a human study done a number ...
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CBD For Fitness Recovery A Good Idea?

CBD is one of the fitness world's trendiest terms currently, and if you're not familiar with it yet, it won't be long before you see this ingredient popping up in everything from bottled water to ...
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Moderate Alcohol Use Healthy?

A glass of wine every day is healthy, researchers have been telling us for years - until meta-studies have negated the myth. Recently, American scientists published a molecular study with the same conclusion in Scientific ...
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