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What is metabolism? Metabolism is the term used to describe all chemical reactions involved in maintaining balance within the human body.

Metabolism can be divided into catabolism and anabolism. Catabolism is the break down of molecules to obtain energy whereas anabolism is the synthesis of all compounds needed by the cells.

Nutrition is the key to metabolism. In order to maintain a healthy metabolism, a healthy rate of energy synthesis, our body needs to be fueled. The key to maintaining this metabolism and have our body run smoothly means that we need to take all the essential nutrients in; Carbs, protein, fat, minerals and vitamins.

For the “everyday” user, we can rely on our body to balance the metabolic pathways healthy.


There is a few tips and tricks that help to keep the metabolism running smoothly:


  • Make sure we take all the required nutrients in. Track your food, make sure you implement every food group, balance your meals.
  • Eat many times, but, small meals. If we eat only twice a day but big meals, our metabolism will be slowing down. If we eat 7 times a day but smaller meals, we will keep the metabolism going all 24 hours.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar. There is some contradiction on this topic, but, personally I think it helps me to kickstart my metabolism in the morning and also to keep my digestive system healthy.
  • Coffee is a natural thermogenic and therefore helps us to speed our metabolism up as well.
  • Exercise, well, obviously. Interesting fact about exercise is, cardio will burn calories while doing it, if you lift, your body will work for about 2 hours post-workout and therefore keep burning calories, even though you ended your lift.
  • Green tea, just like coffee, thermogenic effects and really healthy alternative to coffee.
  • Sleep is important to keep our whole body in balance and therefore our metabolism as well. When we lack sleep, our body starts to retain more water and store more fat.
  • Keep stress low, the hormone cortisol that is released when we are stressed causes our body to store more fat.
  • Fasted cardio is THE BEST…. In order to gain the fluff, I do fasted cardio. Fasted cardio means doing cardio prior to eating anything in the morning. When waking up, our body is naturally in a fasting state, when we now go and do cardio, we have no fuel within out body so our body starts to burn calories from stored fat.


Taking a fat burner can aid in keeping our body in overdrive as well and burn off excess fat. I use Hydroxy Elite from my sponsors Mind and Muscle:


“I don’t need a valentine, I need 8 million dollars and a fast metabolism.”




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