7 Unusual Ways To Make Steroids Use Less Risky - Mind And Muscle


The more careful your dosages, the less the risks. Medical checks by a physician with expertise, and a thorough knowledge of the use and side effects of anabolic substances make steroids use less risky as well. We don’t have to tell you that, so we are not going to talk about it. Instead, we try to come up with some safety tips that are less obvious. For educational, entertainment and informational purposes only.

#1 Lower your fat percentage before you start cycling
Adipose tissue inhibits the increase in testosterone levels after an injection. This may be because enzymes in body fat neutralize testosterone and other steroids that can be converted into estradiol. At the same time, the cardiovascular risks of testosterone administration – such as blood thickening, the deterioration of cholesterol levels and the increase in blood pressure – increase as the fat mass increases.

If your fat percentage is relatively high, you may consider first improving your body composition before you start juicing. It will make your cycle more effective and less risky.

#2 Check whether you have a family history of thrombosis (or any other cardiovascular disease) before you start cycling
Many cardiovascular diseases have a genetic component. A healthy lifestyle can override bad genes, but using anabolic steroids may trigger the bad genes. Characteristic of the interaction between steroids and faulty genes is this well-documented case study that American researchers published in Blood Coagulation & Fibrinolysis.

#3 Ad some cardio training to your workouts before, during and after your cycle
The best preventive strategy against cardiovascular disease is cardio or endurance training. According to animal studies, cardio training also protects steroids users.

#4 Make sure you stay hydrated in the summer
The combination of anabolic steroids, a high protein diet and supplementation with creatine can be tough on your kidneys. Under normal circumstances healthy individuals will not suffer from this combination in the short term – if these healthy individuals stay hydrated. Anabolic steroids, protein-rich food, creatine & dehydration is too much of a good thing, case studies have shown.

#5 Do not use recreational drugs
Globally, the number of deaths among steroids users is increasing. Commentators say this is because more and more men and women are using steroids, but we wonder if that is the only explanation. We suspect that the practice of steroids using has changed: the dosages have increased considerably, and an increasing group combines anabolic compounds with recreational drugs.

Especially the combination of anabolic compounds and recreational drugs is probably a factor of significance, Australian researchers discovered a few years ago. They analyzed all documented deaths among steroids users in Sydney between 1997 and 2012, and found that recreational drugs such as cocaine had played a role in the overwhelming multiplicity of cases.

From animal studies we now know that an anabolic steroid such as nandrolone and a drug like cocaine strengthen each other’s negative effect on the heart muscle, [Eur J Pharmacol. 2000 Jun 16;398(2):263-72.]and according in vitro studies the combination of testosterone and cocaine increases the chance of blood clots forming. [Thromb Res. 2003 Feb 15;109(4):195-201.]

#6 Do not inject if you have cold sores
Steroids users sometimes develop horrifying abscesses. Herehere and hereyou will find some relevant posts. Do not look at them if you haven’t had your proteins yet.

Some doctors believe that steroids users should actually receive training on the correct injection techniques. [Int J Sports Med. 1999 Nov;20(8):563-6.] Web groups have ensured that this knowledge is now available for every user.

Many users still don’t know that disorders such as cold sores make injections even more risky than they already are. The virus that causes cold sore inhibits the immune system, and gives germs that enter the body through an injection gives germs more opportunity to multiply and cause infections.

#7 Do not rely on supplements
According to a good number of animal studies, supplements protect against the side effects of anabolics. According to this research, taurinevitamin C and E protect the testes during a cycle, and vitamin C and cocoa protect the prostate.

Those studies are problematic for three reasons:

  • laboratory animals are not human beings, and
  • the human equivalent doses of the anabolic steroids used are almost always much lower than what steroids users are using, and
  • psychological research shows that supplement use stimulates risky and unhealthy behavior. Supplements make users think they are invulnerable, and do not have to behave healthy. Supplements may help to create a mind-set that you do not want to have as a conscious anabolic steroids user.


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