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muscled guy smilingMethyl androstanediol (5a-androstan-17a-methyl-3b, 17b-diol) is a methylated prohormone that was sold along with the other andro prohormones before the 2004 prohormone ban. Methyl androstanediol converts to mestanolone. While methyl androstanediol has some androgen receptor binding affinity itself, most of the effects experienced with this compound are due to its conversion to mestanolone.

Methyl Androstanediol is a “dry” prohormone with no conversion to estrogen and insignificant progesterone receptor binding affinity. The anabolic to androgenic ratio of this compound is 22/72, showing that it is quite androgenic but not very anabolic. Methyl androstanediol will not produce much in the way of size gains but it can be effective for increasing strength and it is a good prohormone for cutting because of the anti-estrogenic effects of DHT (mestanolone is methyl-DHT). This anti-estrogenic effect also makes methyl androstanediol a good addition to a stack containing compounds with significant estrogen conversion to combat estrogenic side effects. Methyl androstanediol is great for increasing energy, aggression, and libido so it can be stacked with a less androgenic compound to combat lethargy and libido loss.

Side effects that may be experienced with methyl androstanediol will be androgenic in nature and may include hair loss and acne. Methyl androstanediol should be free of estrogenic side effects between it being unable to convert to estrogen and the anti-estrogenic effects of DHT. Methyl androstanediol is C-17 methylated which increases its bioavailability significantly over most of the other prohormones of its era, but also makes liver toxicity a concern.

Along with most other andro prohormones, methyl androstandiol was included in the Anabolic Steroid Control Act of 2004 and was banned as of January 20th, 2005. The closest legal options available now are androsterone and epiandrosterone. These two are isomers if the same compound and both convert to DHT, so they should be very similar in effect to methyl androstanediol while being easier on the liver as they are not methylated. For legal and effective prohormones including androsterone/epiandrosterone, click here.


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