30 Day Transformation Part 1

So you want to get in shape but you dont know how.  It’s cool,  I got your back! Chances are your body fat is way higher than you think. For instance I have a 6 pack as I type this but I’m 20% body fat as per the bod pod. Ideal body fat for men is 6 -9%.  So, unless you have a shredded midsection you probably do have a significant amount of fat to lose. Its ok, so does everyone else.  Some of you might feel your thin enough and you want to put some muscle on.  The process is actually the same surprisingly; If you want a better muscle:fat ratio it requires a structured diet and exercise plan, and you will lose fat and build muscle for the first 12 weeks without much effort.  If you’re not a beginner there still may be something you don’t know on here so give it a glance, I tend to think outside the box.  Here are some basic fitness skills you really need to master to succeed.  

Man Eating1:  Eat 6 Meals A Day

This keeps your metabolism running fierce so you burn fat all day, and night if done right.  The meals before you lift should be protein and fat, meals after you lift should be protein and carbs.  Divide your daily protein about equally between your 6 meals. So if your 180 pounds have 30-45 g of protein at every meal if you’re having 1-1.5 g per pound of bodyweight.  

2:  TimingMan Sleeping

Critical in this process is when you eat what you eat. Get 8 hours of sleep.  Wake up and eat 3 fat and protein meals, Lift, then eat your 3 carb and protein meals. Sleep again.  Thats ideal, but not everyone is a pro bodybuilder and has lifting as their top priority. If this is the case just try to get all your carbs in after you lift.



Man Choosing Food3: Food Selection

 Stick to these foods, they are Alkaline (click on red words if you want to learn more):


Egg whites

Extra lean chicken

Extra lean turkey

White fish



Sweet potato

Wild rice



Coconut oil

MCT oil

Fish oil capsules

Egg yolks


Concerned about how to afford these foods? Click here!

Man Scaling4: Math

Take your weight and multiply it by 15 for a man, and 10 for a woman.  Thats how many calories you should have per day assuming you’re training so hard you feel like you’ll break if you fall down.  I use a much more complex method for individual diets, but it doesn’t really matter just yet.   It is just a starting point. Each week your diet will likely change, this is covered in Basic Skill 9 which is in Part 3. (You’re currently reading Basic Skill 4 which is in part 1)  

For example: 160 pound man should eat 2400 calories. (160 x 15 = 2400)

Next is protein: for men 1.5 x body weight, for women 1 x body weight.  

For example : 160 pound man gets 240 g protein per day and woman gets 160g.  

Then subtract protein calories from the total calories and that leaves you with carbs and fat calories.

4 calories in each gram of protein and carbs, 9 calories in each gram of fat.

For example:  For a Man: 240g protein x 4 = 960 calories.  2400-960 = 1440 calories. 1440/2 = 720. Thus 720 calories for carbs and 720 calories for fat.  720/4 = 180g carbs and 720/9 = 80g fat. So our hard training 160 pound man can have 240g protein, 180g carbs, and 80g fat.  

Now divide the protein amongst all 6 meals and the fat in the first 3 meals and the carbs in the last 3 meals.  

Example for 160 lb man:

Every single day including holidays eat this. No more than 3 hours between meals

Meal 1: 40g protein, 26g fat ( 2 whole eggs, 1 cup egg whites, 1 tbsp coconut oil)

Meal 2: 40g protein, 26g fat (6.5 oz chicken breast fried in 10g coconut oil, 1 oz almonds)

Meal 3: 40g protein, 26g fat (7 oz wild alaskan Cod fried in 1.7 tbsp coconut oil)


Meal 4: 40g protein, 90g carbs ( whey and dextrose shake)

Meal 5: 40g protein, 90g carbs (7 oz Cod, 2 cups rice)

Meal 6: 40g protein, (7 oz turkey breast)

ConanThats it for calories, no other foods or liquids containing calories are consumed in the week except for the 1 cheat meal you get per week.  Eat the meal after a leg workout or the night before a leg workout. You can eat unlimited green veggies, but never eat them until after your real food.  I am sure this sounds boring. You have to come to the realization that the reason America is dying of obesity is because its become acceptable for our culture to see food as entertainment, not fuel to work harder. Remember in the original Conan movie when Arnold is strapped to the mill as a child and there were other children chained to the mill? And after 20 years only Conan was left? Its because he did what he needed to to survive, the rest did not…

Need more help with your diet? We offer customized meal plans with weekly check ins to help track your progress and keep you motivated. Let us help you create the perfect meal plan and stick to it in order to reach your goals. Learn more here!

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