2013 Mr. Olympia: Is Phil Heath Ready For Perfection?

philbballPhil Heath sucks at bodybuilding!  Wipe that condescending look off your face, I’m just joking.  This dude is a genetic God and as a fellow west coaster, I like Phil.  In Seattle, Washington, 1979, Phillip Jerrod Heath was born.  The current 2nd year Mr. Olympia title holder was an impressive athlete from the start, playing basketball for Rainier Beach High School as a shooting guard and graduating to play D1 ball for the University of Denver team.  He was a little guy at 5ft 9” and just over a buck seventy.   He should have been nicknamed “The Gift” a while ago considering he was a successful college athlete double majoring in IT and Business Administration.  Let’s be real though, I doubt UD had a b-ball team that was really worth a shit.  But screw it; I’ll give him the credit because I’m sure he’s better than me.  In 2002 he decided to put his gifts to work in the bodybuilding arena.  He started with a 185lb base and bulked up to a 215lb 6% bodybuilder in the first year.  He competed in 2003 at a shredded 192lbs at The Rocky Mountain NPC USA Championship where he walked away with the overall title.  Yes, you heard right.  Phil heath has been kicking ass and taking names since the very beginning.  He was quite gifted genetically, which actually ended up hurting him in the beginning.  He was a slacker (relatively speaking).  He leaned on his “gifts” and lost competitions because of his lack of proper training.philface


…he got his act together and ended up as Mr. Colorado and later earning his pro card at 215lbs.  To give you an idea of where Phil has come from, let’s look at his weight.  Currently, he stalks the bodybuilding stages at 240lbs lean and mean.  That’s 25lbs of solid lean body mass that he has gained since turning pro.  That’s a ton of muscle on a 5ft 9” frame.   In the past, Phil has sported 22” arms, a 19” neck, and 20” calves suspended on a 29” waist.  That’s just ridiculous Phil, you’re a freak.  He isn’t the biggest guy out there, that’s for sure.  Big Ramy should be a monster this year, but he won’t beat Phil.  Phil is said to be the most proportionate bodybuilder alive.  Ronny Coleman said this about Phil and the 2013 Mr. O, “He has several insane body parts, always nails his conditioning, and presents great separation and thickness.”  Big Ron continues to question Phil’s limiting structure and says his frame may, very well be, “maxed out.”  I would say Kai Greene is Phil’s nemesis in 2013 as was the case in 2012.  Phil barely squeezed the victory from Kai who has a previously lacked back thickness.  Kai does have Phil beat on a few key traits.  Kai will carry more muscle mass than any other bodybuilder on that stage lbs. per inch and he also has hair that would make CONAN The Barbarian rise from his grave and start doing the YMCA.

Mr. Olympia 2013 is tight this year

philtankI think it will be won by stage presence.  The competition this year is ridiculously high.   Is this the year Phil will be de-throned?  We will find out next week.  There is no doubt that Phil will bring the whole package to 2013.  His favorite movie is gladiator, favorite food is steak, favorite music is Rock and Hip-hop, and favorite Hobby is hanging out with his two angry dogs.  Basically he stays in the zone 24/7 and I wouldn’t expect anything less from the champ.  He is cocky and he likes to back it up.  He is rumored to make around 3.5million per year.  Considering he drives a Bentley that is worth as much as my house, I wouldn’t doubt those numbers.  He is backed by the biggest and best in the game; Sponsors include Muscletech and Muscle & Fitness/ Flex magazine.  Phil even has a sponsor for chicken breast and egg whites.  Red Bird’s Chicken and Lana’s Egg Whites fuel the beast with high-grade protein.  He is living the bodybuilding dream and has the talent, drive, and dedication to become the Floyd Mayweather of bodybuilding.  In fact, there is one and only one thing “The Gift” is lacking and has been lacking since the very start, hair.

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