2013 Mr. Olympia: He Will Crack the Top 6….and He Just Joined the Gym - Mind And Muscle

The year was 2010.  Perhaps one of the most genetically gifted men in bodybuilding history didn’t even have a gym membership.   In 2011, after working out for a year and eating as much as he could, he shot up to 200lbs.  In 2012, on the Amateur Olympia stage, he stood peeled at 286lbs.   His professional resume consists of one contest where he placed first in the NY Pro.

 Now it is 2013 and only a week and a half until the Olympia where some of the industry’s best, like Flex Wheeler, are calling for Big Ramy to take the crown from Phil Heath. Ramy was born Mamdouh Elssbiay in Cairo, Egypt.  He grew up fishing with his brother and father and now he’s knocking on the door of the Olympia, while putting his stamp on every big name muscle mag in the world.

 Ramy was discovered in Kuwait and trains under IFBB pro and Team Weider prep coach Dennis James.  If you GoogleDennis James, he will be with Ramy, and vise versa.  James has made statements about Ramy like, “…so much potential its unreal.”   He said, “Pictures do not do him justice,” and “…in person, the size and mass of Ramy is incredible!”  Ramy won his 2012 Amateur Olympia class and the Overall Title, which earned him both a Pro Card and a spot on the 2013 Mr. Olympia lineup.  This guy is a freak and has the genetics of a Greek god.   If he can come on stage again at 285lbs conditioned, there is no one who will “out mass” him.  He took pictures 4 weeks out at 310 with abs like blocks so it looks like he’s right on track.

German American Technologies, or otherwise know as GAT, sign the Egyptian masterpiece this year.  They have high hopes for Ramy, saying that they have never seen an athlete with the size that he has.  Ramy is excited as well saying, “I know I can count on GAT to help me continue gaining muscle at the super human speed that I have come to be known for.”  No doubt, Ramy has the potential to knock off bodybuilding’s top tier; and he’s only been lifting for 3 years.  His trainer has said that there is no secret supplement or food that he is implementing but sheer genetic gifts that Ramy is blessed with.  I’ll say.  At 5ft 9’ and 285lbs shredded, if I saw this guy on a street corner I’d throw my wallet at him and run.  This year’s Mr. O line up is the most impressive we have ever seen and the competition for the top 6 is incredibly hard to predict. We at Mind & Muscle will keep you up to date with Ramy, and other surprising threats, as the stage is dusted off for the 2013 Mr. Olympia.



Ramy with James

Ramy with James


Ramy VS. Heath

Ramy VS. Heat

Ramy Vs. Heath

Ramy Vs. Heath

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