Prohormones: Adrenosterone (11-OXO)

happy bodybuilder posingAdrenosterone is a mild, non-methylated prohormone. It was first brought to the supplement market by Ergopharm in their product 11-OXO. 11-OXO is a true prohormone, converting to 11-ketotestosterone. It is typically used for its cortisol controlling effects, which can aid in fat loss (especially over the abs) and prevent muscle wasting during a dieting phase. 11-OXO is not commonly used for its strength and muscle building effects, because it does not have a very significant effect in these areas unless it is dosed high or stacked with other compounds. 11-OXO is great for stacking with methylated anabolics or prohormones because it will not put additonal stress on the liver.

Because if its very mild nature, side effects associated with 11-OXO use are low. One possible side effect of 11-OXO is “dry” or achy joints due to low cortisol levels. Also because if its effects on cortisol levels, sleep alterations and difficulty waking in the morning can be a concern. Avoiding dosing late in the evening may relieve these issues. The dosage range for 11-OXO is broad, and obviously the chance of experiencing side effects will increase with higher dosages. 11-OXO is non-methylated, so liver stress is not a big concern.

The typical dosage range of 11-OXO is 300-900 mg/day, depending on what effects the user is looking for. Dosages in the lower end of this range will yield fat loss and a muscle preservation effect while on a restricted calorie diet. Dosages in the higher end of this range will also yield mild gains in strength and possibly size. Because 11-OXO is mild in nature and non-methylated, it can be used for longer cycles than other prohormones, up to 10 weeks in length. Typical cycle length is 5-10 weeks, where a shorter cycle would typically use a higher dose and a longer cycle would typically use a lower dose. Because of Its cortisol controlling effects, taking a dose of 11-OXO after training is a good idea as cortisol levels are elevated at this time. 11-OXO should be taken with a meal containing some fat to help increase absorption.

At this point, the original Ergopharm 11-OXO has been discontinued, but adrenosterone is still available under other brand names.

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