11-KT Prohormone - Is It Legal? - Mind And Muscle

11-kt (11-oxoandrostadienedione)There are always new prohormones popping up on the market and while 11-KT is not new it has had somewhat of a rebirth over the past 4 months as prohormone companies and grey market dealers try to replace the illegal SARMs that were on the market. 11-KT is the latest in an attempt to find hormones that aren’t expressly scheduled but it is likely illegal.  The law hasn’t been tested yet, but I would suggest that this isn’t the steroid to test the new law!  My opinion is that the juice isn’t worth the squeeze.  The question is “is it legal” and effective?

11-Keto-Testosterone History

11-KT has a history starting out with famed steroid guru Bruce Kneller discussing 11-Keto-Androstenedione which is a noted fish steroid and also naturally occurs in humans.  Once most prohormones were banned, Patrick Arnold and Ergo-Pharm brought out 11-OXO to the market which contained the prohormone 11-Ket0-Androstenedione.  Patrick Arnold licensed 11-Keto-Testosterone to ICON Nutrition and they brought out 11-KT.  At one time this was even sold at Vitamin Shoppe!

11-Keto-Testosterone Activity & Side Effects

As a steroid, 11-Keto-Testosterone is fairly weak, having about 60% of the activity of actual testosterone.  That doesn’t mean it isn’t useful, simply that it is not as strong as testosterone.  11-KT can help inhibit cortisol, which is great for a bodybuilder who is lifting hard.  The grueling lifts increase cortisol to help keep your muscle in balance.  11-KT can certainly limit how much cortisol is produced, but that effect takes months and months to hold any true value.

11-KT is fairly metabolically resistant to metabolism since it is already a metabolite of testosterone.  Thus it isn’t able to convert into estrogen or DHT an thus has a very limited side effect profile. That makes it good for those that wish to use it and avoid side effects like hair loss and estrogenic issues.

11-KT is also not methylated thus it won’t cause liver stress either as an oral or injected (where available).  That makes it’s side effect profile very easy to manage and one of the safest steroids that you can use.

11-KT and it’s prohormone 11-Keto-Androstenedione both have androgenic activity on their own, which means that they can help tip the balance in a positive way, but this prohormone is mainly used for cutting.

11-KT Legality

Here is the big question…is 11-KT legal in the US?  The quick and dirty answer is “No” because while it satisfies DSHEA (the FDA law) it does not satisfy DASCA since it likely has anabolic and androgenic activity and is not exempted.  Thus, it is a big risk to purchase and sell 11-KT.  Some companies are selling this as a transdermal and that is even more dangerous since transdermal products don’t satisfy either law.

11-KT Cycle

11-Keto-Testosterone isn’t a very potent steroid on its own but it could make a nice addition to a cutting cycle where a person whats to lose fat and reduce cortisol.   Thus, in countries where it is legal, it is a decent stack item that helps the overall quality of the mass from a standard cycle of other steroids.  Typical oral dose should be 200-300mg while a transdermal would be about half that per day.  Injectable, it would best be combined with an ester and used at 400mg a week along with other cutting steroids like Anavar or Masteron.

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