Prohormones: 1-Androsterone

bodybuilder hands on hips1-Androsterone is the ultimate in strength and mass pro-hormone on the market.  It is a very potent precursor to 1-Testosterone, which is 200% more anabolic than testosterone.  It doesn’t mean it will build 2X more mass than testosterone, it simply means that you need very little active product to get an anabolic response which is great for an oral product.  1-Testosterone cannot turn into estrogen and should have a lesser chance of hair loss than other products on the market because of its structure.  It is extremely potent at 300-600mg per day and users report 10-15lbs of muscle in a 4-6 week cycle.  1-Androsterone is the ultimate product for anyone wanting size and strength, but it is something that should be used with caution since it is so potent and certainly should never be used by anyone under 21.  Side effects are generally mild, but it has been reported that some people suffer from lethargy (fatigue) when taking this product which is reported to be diminished when the product is stacked.  Also, sex drive varies among different people with this compound (which is common), so some people report major sex drive increases while others have just the opposite effect.  The point is that everyone is different and these effects just happen to some people, not all people.  The lethargy and the hair loss are certainly possible though and it is best to know that going in.  Often the most potent compounds have the worst side effects, but this one is a good balance.  Look for 1-Androsterone to be something that will change the face of sports supplements for those that want to go the hard core route.

End Conversion Steroid: 1-Testosterone
Androgenic Value: 135 – 135% of testosterone (1.35 times as androgenic as testosterone)
Anabolic Value: 200 – 210% of testosterone (2 times as anabolic as testosterone)

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