Prohormones: 1-Androsterone/1-DHEA

1 andro makes your girlfriend happy!1-Dehydroepiandrosterone (1-DHEA) is a hormone alternative to standard DHEA supplements that is more geared for men who wish to look and feel their best.   According to scientific information 1-ene hormones like 1-DHEA may in fact be preferred to standard DHEA (5-DHEA) for men who wish to use the anti-aging benefits.  Standard 5-DHEA found on many store shelves can have estrogenic side effects that men do not need nor want.

In our society men are overloaded on estrogen from chemicals like BPA, pesticides and others.  5-DHEA therapy further adds to this estrogen load while the benefit of 1-DHEA is that it does not.  1-DHEA actually may restore the natural androgen/estrogen ratio in men!  This may translate into an overall health benefit that one can’t get with standard DHEA therapy.



1-Androsterone, or 1-DHEA, may appear under the nomenclature 1-androsten-3b-ol-17-one. 1-Androsterone is currently available over the counter, and is contained in Iron Mag Labs 1-Andro-Rx, Advanced Muscle Science 1-Androsterone RD, and Primordial Performance 1-T. 1-Androsterone is a true prohormone, converting to 1-testosterone (dihydroboldenone). Orally, 1-Androsterone has about a 10% conversion rate to 1-testosterone. Using this prohormone as a sublingual (absorbed through the tissues under the tongue) or as a transdermal (absorbed through the skin) may improve boiavailability, yielding more total 1-testosterone delivered to the body. 1-Androsterone is great for gains in both strength and size. It does not convert to estrogen so it is great for cutting cycles or for stacking with compounds that do have estrogenic activity during a bulking phase. Because 1-Androsterone is non-methylated, it can be stacked with methylated steroids or prohormones without putting additional stress on the liver.

Estrogenic side effects not a big concern

Because 1-Androsterone does not convert to estrogen, estrogenic side effects will not be a big concern. 1-Androsterone does not convert to DHT either, keeping androgenic side effects low. The lack of DHT conversion can, however, make lethargy and libido loss an issue. These side effects are dose dependent, and are mostly only seen in users taking doses higher than what is recommended by the manufacturer. Being non-methylated, 1-androsterone is not liver toxic like many other prohormones and steroids currently available.

Typical dosage range for oral 1-androsterone is in the range of 100-800 mg/day. Using a sublingual or transdermal delivery system should lower the dose needed for the user to experience the desired effects due to enhanced absorption.

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