1-Andro vs. 4-Andro

For some reason people have a hard time understanding what makes 1-Andro different from 4-Andro.

Comparison of 1-Andro and 4-Andro

So the big difference is this: 1-Andro does not convert to Estrogen or DHT. This means it’s PURELY ANABOLIC. It stays as a 1-testosterone after conversion (twice as potent as standard testosterone) and stays 1-test until the hormone is used for gene transcription. It will NOT be broken down to estrogen or DHT.

Heavy BuildFurther more by not converting to DHT or Estrogen you don’t get side effects: Estrogen causes gynecomastia (breasts), emotionality, water retention, and fat accumulation. BUT estrogen helps build muscle and helps raise HDL, strengthens bones and is great in the offseason.

DHT causes hair loss in about 50% of men, it’s just hit or miss. It does have a plethora of great benefits though like aromatase inhibition, direct fat burning, strength increasing, aggression (good and bad).

So as you can see 4-Andro the precursor to testosterone is not bad at all, just has to be used in moderation with a careful eye on your hair, attitude, nipple sensitivity, and how often your crying watching puppies play. All these are signs that you may have to reduce your testosterone or add in a aromatase inhibitor like Estrogenex Depot to mitigate the side effects of estrogen.

Estrogen and DHT contribute to shutdown and prostate cancer, so in theory if you only used 1-Andro you couldn’t get those.

The typical cycle would be to have some 4-Andro with your 1-Andro so you have some Estrogen and DHT, you need those for sexual functioning.

Rather than rolling the dice with your sex drive and function, just use Rise and Swell. We developed it to be used on cycle to prevent shut down and enhance sexual functioning. Rise and Swell can be taken as a natural test booster and a sexual enhancer all by itself, but we made it for On Cycle Therapy and Post Cycle Therapy.

1-Andro is so powerful people imagine they are getting symptoms of shut down, and lethargy. Truth is it’s working and they aren’t getting enough calories in. IF the body is using all your calories for muscle building because you broke the muscle building switch in the “On” position then you won’t use ANY calories for normal body functions like walking, moving and certainly not sex. You need to eat a ton to grow, or to hang on to muscle. If you starve yourself you’ll be tired.

The solution is while on 1-Andro to use enough calories and sleep so you have energy, then use cardio and lifting weights to burn the fat off with the help of the Basic Cut Stack. It’s a whole cycle wrapped around the beauty of 1-Andro.

And if your bulking then it’s a no brainer: you NEED 4-Andro, 1-andro is great to add to your bulk cycle in in theory a unlimited amount, but the 4-Andro is where it’s at. We designed the Basic Mass Stack to amplify the muscle building power of 4-Andro!

If you want a LEGAL, SAFE and EFFECTIVE prohormone then look no further than 1-Andro!

If you want a prohormone which is LEGAL and SAFE and EFFECTIVE that converts into testosterone for the most effective way to legally replace your testosterone without a prescription use 4-Andro!

Dont forget to get a Cut Diet or Mass Diet, and a Cut or Mass workout when you pick up your Stack so you have the three things you need to cut or bulk.

Nothing in this article or on this site should be considered medical advice or as an endorsement to violate any law of the country in which you reside.  The information given is for fun and entertainment purposes only.  All claims are 100% dependent upon proper diet and exercise.  Please consult a medical practitioner prior to any diet and exercise program.

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