1 Andro: Top 3 Supplements To Stack - Mind And Muscle

With 1 Andro back on the market, many people will be asking what are the top 5 supplements to stack with this potent prohormone. Stacking means you mix up supplements to take advantage of the synergy between them. This advice can also be used for people who take anabolic steroids as well, but of course we don’t suggest anyone break the law in any way.

Also, it goes without saying that nothing, including illegal steroids will build muscle without hard work and a proper diet. Picking a great exercise program and pairing it with a good diet, which is high in protein and uses nutrient timing to achieve the positive nitrogen balance required for muscle growth is important and these two factors build muscle, not the supplements!

1-Andro – The King of Prohormones

1-Androsterone or “1-Andro” for short is a prohormone that is not active like an anabolic steroid, but converts into an active hormone in the body. These hormones can help you achieve your fitness goals and as a conversion product they are called “pro” hormones, but in fact are still classified as androgens, like Testosterone and other androgenic steroids.

1-Andro has been studied and when paired with a proper diet and exercise program can enhance the effectiveness of training! This means that if you are gaming up for a new training program or an advanced meal plan or hopefully both, 1-Andro is your friend when it comes to helping you gain quality mass that looks great.


The “art” of stacking supplements is something that has been around since the beginning of supplements. Back when Bill Phillips released his supplements on the market and started using a science based approach to supplementation, he quickly realized that adding supplements together could have a profound effect on their ability to enhance training and diet. By giving supplements with one another in place of straight whole foods, it was quickly understood that different pathways stimulated by supplements (and steroids for that matter) could yield better results than one product alone.

Here is a list of supplements that stack well with the prohormone 1-Andro, which again is at the top of the food chain for legal prohormone products.

Creatine HCL – I was a skeptic on this for years, since the increased solubility of creatine HCL shouldn’t have a big improvement over creatine monohydrate. Perhaps it’s the ability to survive the stomach acid in tact that makes creatine HCL more efficient. A recent study has shown that creatine HCL can improve muscle mass and increase fat loss over creatine monohydrate (typical creatine). Now be careful though because the doses used were in the 3-5g range and not the 500mg touted by some creatine concentrates. So, be sure to use the right amount of Creatine HCL, I will warn you that it doesn’t taste very good, so add in some MIO flavoring! Dose is 3-5g per day

HMB – many people will discount this over things like extra Leucine and BCAA’s but HMB is making a resurgence because it acts on mTOR similar to Leucine but can also inhibit myostatin, which is a molecule that signals the body to tear down muscle mass. For this reason I feel that HMB trumps the standard Leucine or BCAA formulations that people are taking. Best effect is seen with 3-6g per day.

Laxogenin – this is a steroidal molecule but is not an androgen. It works on a separate pathway than androgens, most likely a secondary messenger pathway mRNA. Laxogenin is showing a lot of benefits for athletes which causes a nice increase in recovery and mass gain without side effects. It’s been theorized that Laxogenin in conjunction with 1-Andro can have a super building effect since tRNA and mRNA can both be stimulated. Dosing is at 200-400mg per day with meals.

So, that’s the quick on dirty of the top three supplements to stack with 1-Andro and hopefully as more prohormones become available we can start stacking the hormones with these amazing supplements to help you reach your fitness goals.

Happy lifting!

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