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More Magnesium Means More Testosterone And IGF-1

Older men have higher concentrations of IGF-1 and testosterone in their blood, the higher their magnesium levels are. Geriatricians at the University Hospital of Parma came to this conclusion from a study they did that ...
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What Are Dehydroandrostenol And Dehydroandrosterone?

Until recently, we honestly thought that the era of pro-hormones was over. But in recent months we have seen them reappear, the 'supplements' with steroids that probably do not do much, but which in the ...
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Proof: Stress Makes You Fat

Stress makes you fat. This is not only because people tend to eat less healthily when they are under stress, but also because stress reduces your body's energy burning capacity. Researchers at Ohio State University ...
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How Chronic Stress Shortens Your Life

Living at the bottom of society, but also as a subordinate party in an unhealthy, intimate relationship, means living with chronic stress. And that stress, we now know from studies and statistics, shortens the lifespan ...
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Steroid Users Are More Impulsive, Impatient And Unhappy Than Natural Athletes

Athletes who use anabolic steroids have a different type of personality than natural athletes. Users are more impulsive, less patient and, to put it more poetically, more tormented by their inner demons. That is what ...
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