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      [SIZE=2]Hi there,

      I wonder, if anyone here has any experice with using CES or rTMS, tDCS(or some other device) for treatment mental disorders – mainly as generalized anxiety disorder, Social phobia, depression… ?

      I am also interested in buying one of these CES devices( as my last option), but there are already a lot of devices like Fisher Wallace Stimulator, Oasis , NeuroTrek, David Delight Pro and others for even lower prices (the first one seems to be the most expensive, but is probably the only FDA approved).

      Do you have any advice which type-brand of CES device to buy and why ? So far, I am interested in buying NeuroTrek Digital Pro 3 device, the price is quite high but there are a lot of positive responses about this device, and also it is more flexible than the Oasis device.

      Until now, I have already tried almost everything, probably all medicines, supplements and therapies for treatment of my disorder. I have been treated for almost 9 years with absolutely no success. Since I have tried almost everything possible in order to be cured but only with failure, so I have decided to try this last option I really do not know what to expect from these devices, but as I said, for me it seems like a last option.

      Because I am absolutely rookie in this field and [/SIZE]prices of devices are not the lowest[SIZE=2], I would really appreciate some advice and opinions !




      thanks for your report, it sounds promising like non-medication treatments for anxiety!

      I wonder, if anyone has any other experiences by others CES devices such as Fisher Wallace Stimulator, Oasis, Neurotrek…. or possibly with the EMWave biofeedback device ?



      I have just used the David Delight Pro for the last three weeks.

      As you probably have researched, this unit is not just CES but provides audio-visual brain entrainment as well. I say this because when I isolate CES from the the entrainment therapy I feel the effect isn’t very strong; effect being improved mood, energy levels, and well-being. Likewise, when I solely use the audio-visual entrainment combo minus the CES I barely notice any benefits. It seems to require all three thearpies to be effective. Also the setting of the session seems to make a difference as well. There are certain settings that are geared towards an array of specific mental states such as improving cognition, improving sleep, improving mood etc. and for some reason the improving mood provides a consistent and pronounced effect compared to the other settings -I am ADD-PI, and the improving cognition setting is geared towards this and the effect is subtle.

      To be more detailed in my response, I feel a sense of well-being and slight mental clarity that lasts all day if I use the AV entrainment and CES on the Mood-booster setting. It is quite pleasant as there are no dips in my mood and you feel more happier and productive for the day. I wouldn’t say it abolishes SA but it attentuates it greatly.

      One huge caveat though: I feel that his machine has induced a significant loss of libido. Perusing through various forums, I only found one anecdote that mirrors my experience. I am now looking ways to fix this but at the moment seems very treatment-resistant. I think the low libido can be attributed by the high serotonin levels resulting from the CES usage. Its been 2 weeks with no libido and the experience is very troubling. That said, there are many physicians who prescribe this machine and I have yet to read or hear low libido as a side effect -therefore this is not a prominent problem but something to take note of.

      Both the Fisher-Wallace and the David Delight Pro offer a full money back guarantee trial period so for something so expensive this is really assuring.

      conclusion: if it werent for the low libido i’d rate it a 8 out of 10 for general anxiety and low mood.

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