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      Hey guys,

      I have bad cardio. I used to smoke in my teens and I think that may have contributed to this. I literally cannot run 1 mile in a light jog, most of the time I can only do 1/2 a mile before i have to take a break. I’m training in MMA now and it really worries me that if I’m in a self-defense situation I would gas out very quickly leaving myself really vulnerable.

      I run everyday and try to push my limits, but that’s doing little. I’m not overweight, I’m 6’1 165lbs and my overall fitness is good. Is there anything else I can do? I’m not apposed to PED’s like EPO, but for now I’d rather try all legal options at my disposal.




      You are willing to take performance enhancing drugs to improve your time for a run around the block – are you serious?

      Running everyday might be the problem, quality over quantity. Let your body recuperate and have a few days off in between your running sessions.



      That’s a good point. you need to take care of:

      1- training
      2- diet
      3- rest/sleep

      Your performance improves only if you give yourself enough of the 3.



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      I recommend you see a doctor to know what is really wrong. You are not too weak to survive. If you know your problem you will know how to solve it.



      Have you seen any improvement? I have been training for my first 10k in nearly 20 years and have been slowly increasing my running and have slowly started to see an improvement.



      Goal set, Run a little farther each day untill you reach your desired limit. Hope I helped :)!



      You could try soccer. It’s an incredible way to build resistance, and you can tweak how much you run, very flexibly so. At this point I’m constantly running up and down the field for 1.5h and sprinting when I’m after a ball (and kicking it always in the wrong direction :P )

      At the beginning, you can stay in defense and ration your power, and as you go you’ll increase that.

      Also, make sure you get a good echocardiogram to make sure you don’t have any problems that might be the cause of your short resistance in the first place. (valve prolapse, enlarged heart or others) just to be on the safe side.



      I just signed up for a 10k and I’ve never been serious with cardio in my entire life. You just gotta start doing it.

      Week 1 – jog 2mi twice
      Week 2 – jog 2.5 mi twice
      Week 3 – jog 3mi twice
      Week 4 – jog 3.5mi twice

      and so on. Just do that twice a week until you get to a distance you feel comfortable with. If you jog with an iPhone there are a number of apps available that can help you train for running. I just got MapMyRun+….it doesn’t train me for running but it basically tracks my mileage, distance, pace, route, etc.

      My training is a little more intense than this since I am trying to run the 10k in 50-55min. However, after two weeks of training I’m able to run 3.5mi in 30min



      As a departure from my normal form, I will tell you that from my experience, cardio, particularly long distance endurance type cardio is like masturbation. You get better at it with practice.

      If you’r really serious, I have to agree with Darkhalf there. There’s nothing like picking some kind of event that pushes your out of your comfort zone in a time frame that will really push you and justt make it your point to get there and do it. Once you have some kind of reasonable goal, just go check out some running sites. You can find tons of articles/forum entries to the tune of something like “5k in 6 weeks? try this routine…” or “marathon in a year, this is an ideal training and volume progression….”. Find this type of info and stick with it and give it an earnest effort and you’ll probably be quite surprised by the progress you will make. Seriously, I have always been one of those meatheads who is of the opinion of “if it ain’t heavy I don’t wanna fuck with it, so why would I bother running for distance” but after a challenge to run a 5k by a coworker, some of these programs helped take me from barely being able to run 1/4 mile to running a 5k with no problems in no more than 6 weeks. Just work up progressively and you’ll get from where you’re at to where you want to be.

      However, it should obviously be said that if you really only want explosive cardio for short period of time, this will have to be integrated properly but having good endurance is never a good thing in the grand scheme of life.



      well i ride my bike instead of my car and walk a lot to places and since i do that my cardio got better! also if you are not afraid going for some dance lessons or even zumba like denise suggested might be a good idea, and its also a lot of fun!



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