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      i’ve been taking phenibut off-and-on for really quite a long time, but my latest stint is only two weeks old.

      i intend to never take it again, actually – i see no real or good purpose for it. for now i’m trying to figure out the best tapering off regimen.

      i actually started up because i had a stupid and intense drug cocktail two weeks ago that left me with unbearable anxiety and phenibut was the closest and only available thing to help. it’s possible the anxiety i’m feeling now is residual effects from that along with generalized anxiety in addition to the phenibut. here’s an approximation (very approximate) of my latest two weeks usage (before that haven’t taken phenibut for at least a month i believe):

      19th: 3g
      20th: 3g
      21st: 2g
      22nd: 3g
      23rd: 2g
      24th: 1g
      25th: 2g
      26th: 3g
      27th: 2g
      28th: 1.5g
      29th: 0g
      30th: .5g

      yesterday i didn’t have any, and then today i was extremely bad so i had an extra .5 which doesn’t feel nice but much better that i was feeling prior to taking it (felt like hell).

      what’s the best way to taper off? i don’t want to drag it out too long but also want to preserve my sanity and be able to at least partially function at work. i have l-theanine at my disposal and can purchase other supplements recommended for this. i feel like my recent phenibut use is way, way milder that what others here have gone through when they talk about phenibut withdrawal — at the same time, i’m feeling very real symptoms and i also feel like my brain is far from optimal from years of substance mis-use that it’s more susceptible to more damage. anyway, thoughts?



      iI’ve successfully weened myself off of phenibut after 8+mths of ongoing use but it can be a prolonged process much like weening off baclofen or even a Benzo. I sped things up with some supplements. Without it, I’d do a 10% dose reduction each week for the most comfortable experience. I had klonopin & baclofen available to me but chose not to utilize them. I tried baclofen before and didn’t like how it made me feel. Anyways, here’s a good place to start and describes how to do it if you’re interested. http://www.mindandmuscle.net/forum/neuroscience-nootropics/42324-another-phenibut-casualty-6.html



      Oh, and I found l-theanine helpful when coming off in doses that would reach normally 800mgs to 1 gram per day….in addition to other supplements like magnesium bi-glycinate.



      Drugs all have side effects.Maybe you should stop it.


      ^^problem with that is, life has side effects, hence why we take drugs to alleviate those only to bring upon new ones..lol



      No experience with drugs to help with anxiety, minus phenibut. I took it a couple days on/a day off for a month, and later in the month noticed I had bad anxiety on my off day, and getting little to no sleep. My assumption was this anxiety was a side effect from the phenibut. I was able to just deal with it and haven’t taken it habitually since then. I just take 2g here or there, maybe once a week, to relax myself.
      That anxiety surge that comes out of nowhere really sucks. I hope you find a solution.



      L-Theanine won’t do shit for GABA-B abuse. It’s a very mild GABAergic. I remember once when I withdrawing from GHB, I tried stuff like taurine, picamilon and theanine and they were completely useless. They are slightly calming at best.

      Talk to people on here who have experience with taking Baclofen. Baclofen can be used for GHB withdrawal (which also agonizes GABA-B like Phenibut) but of course, I can’t advise anything, because I have never taken Baclofen and am completely uneducated on what a possible tapering schedule might be, based on what you have taken for the last month with Phenibut.

      Once you taper off the Phenibut you’ll then need to taper off the Baclofen. How is that done? I don’t know.

      Or you could try benzos for a limited period. What is a limited period? I don’t know.

      The two other options are booking time off uni/work and going through withdrawal (sleepless nights included) or tapering off very, very slowly.

      Finally, anyone who suffers with bad anxiety should stay the hell away from these GABA-B compounds because they come with severe rebound consequences when tolerance seeps in. So, although you initially visit heaven for a while, you eventually end up in hell and suffering is all part of the experience. What goes up, comes down.

      Apologies if I sound too preachy… It’s just I have experience with these drugs myself and although from time to time I think how nice it would be to get high, the rational part of my brain now immediately slaughters the craving side with a very long list of reasons why I can’t and shouldn’t take them. The ‘pros’ (usually one or two things) never win against the ‘cons’ (usually a list of nine or ten things).

      Have you read the Phenibut thread on here?

      Good luck to you!


      i found neurontin to be amazing when it comes to eliminating phenibut withdrawal..600 mgs of neurontin taken daily allowed me to quit a 2 plus gram daily habit of phenibut cold turkey with little to no withdrawal symptoms..



      Ashwagandha may be of some help, also.


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