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      Just wondering what people’s experiences if any have been with D-Phenylalanine. I’ve been taking 500-1000mg/day for the past 6 months and have been feeling pretty good, I think i’m definitely seeing a good response to it. DL-Phenylalanine is ok but makes me sleepy. D-Phenylalanine seems really clean and hardly noticable. I checked out a few old books from the UCSF Library and read about some studies done in Argentina on D-Phenylalanine in the 1970s and 1980s..very interesting, it was trialed as low as 100-200mg in depression and saw really solid results. THese were large scale trials, couple of hundred in one of them.

      The MOA seems to be that D-PA somehow increases PEA concentrations. That’s why I’m taking it. But is that true? How does it do so? I had a great response to PEA two years ago, but it turned on me because of it’s horrible pharmacokinetics…i ended up addicted and takign huge quantities of it. With D-PA I don’t feel the acute euphoria. Does D-PA actually increase endorphins too, like people say it does? Would this have any effect on depression?

      Why don’t we see higher-dose D-Phenylalanine used more frequently for depression?



      What brand of D-phenylalanine are you taking?



      Doctor’s Best



      tolerance is probably as much of a problem as it is with tyrosine. Cycle it off every two or three days and you should be okay



      i started taking the same dose also and noticing more clean energy, but could also be placebo so am not completely convinced yet….I dont think it releases endorphins but rather it upregulates the opioid receptors? someone else might know in better detail….



      D-Phenylalanine inhibits enkephalinase which acts at the delta-opioid receptors. Such inhibition is a key part of the natural reward pathway so it seems like a fairly smart way of treating anhedonia. I don’t know how it would increase PEA…



      What about tolerance?

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