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      When I said “comprehensive chemistry testing” I mean something like the mass spectrometer/gas chromatography test. Chromatography involves separation of mixtures into individual compounds present, & spectrometry involves detection of those compounds. This is a sophisticated & EXPEN$IVE test. One thing the testing companies don’t want u 2 know is how much pressure they’re under 2 keep costs 2 a minimum.



      At this point I’m trying to find someone like a chemical engineer or biochemist who can tell me how to synthesize creatinine. The local university has a large health system, a chemistry dept., and a chemical engineering dept. According to wikipedia, in its pure form it is a white crystalline substance with a water solubility of 1 in 12. It might be better to synthesize the creatinine and grind it up (just like spice) and add a little bit to your specimen cup. I’ll figure out exactly how much needs to be added to make it look normal to the testing lab, despite the fact that at the present time they just checking to make sure the CR level is not too low.

      One other interesting claim I came across is that psyllium fiber supplements (like Metamucil) are purported to accelerate the removal of thc metabolites by preventing their reabsorption in the nephrons of the kidneys and essentially giving them a one-way ticket out of the body in your urine. JUST DON’T USE IT ON THE DAY OF YOUR TEST!



      Performing comprehensive chemistry testing on urine samples is prohibitively expensive, the piss cops r under pressure 2 keep the cost of the testing process 2 a minimum. I’m gng 2 keep doing some research on it, u can find a lot of meth recipes but I’m not into selling death. If ur using mj it helps 2 keep yrself as skinny & muscular as possible because the thc metabolites r fat soluble.



      U would also need to ensure that yr highly concentrated creatinine solution has the right pH so that it wouldn’t be flagged as an ‘adulterant’ after all it’s something that will raise a red flag if they don’t find enuf of it. At first blush it would seem that a neutral pH of 7 would be best. I was wondering if there was also some kind of heavy but non chemically reactive substance we could add 2 the creatinine concentrate that would kick up the sg just enuf 2 put it above the cutoff threshold which I think is 1.003.



      No red flags is the best way 2 go. I have a feeling this may get a little bit mathematical because I would want 2 put the measured creatinine amt within the expected range with the intent of being maximally crafty. If I have 2 do any math it would likely not be any more involved than basic quantitative chemical calculations, it isn’t advanced calculus. I’ll just try 2 present results in a simple easy 2 understand way. U realize that varying body weights can cause varying results. Keep yrself as thin as possible, but do NOT starve yrself.



      The piss cops are testing for creatinine, which is the METABOLITE of creatine. Adding creatine will not increase the creatinine level in urine. I was wondering if there was some way to synthesize creatinine & then add a minute amount of a highly concentrated creatinine solution to ur specimen bottle right before u leak into it. UPDATED: The water solubility of creatinine in its raw crystalline form is only 1 in 12. This means that it is physically impossible to create a ‘highly concentrated’ solution of creatinine. Ur best bet would be to make a little bit of raw creatinine and put it into a small vial and tape it to the inside of ur underwear or pants and take it into the testing room with you. Testing personnel will sometimes ask to see what is in ur pockets so you have to be careful. Add the creatinine to the sample cup before you pee in it. I was also wondering if there was some type of inert heavy metal powder you could add to ur sample to bump up the SG.

      I’m really not a master chemist by any stretch of the imagination, but it seems that one starting pt might b 2 replicate the digestive chemical process that occurs when someone eats a creatine supplement. I looked @ a handful of articles (VERY technical) on creatinine synthesis & one of them said something about reacting creatine with hydrochloric acid, which is exactly what happens in ur stomach.

      Is there anyone out there (like a biochemist/toxicologist) who might know how to synthesize creatinine, possibly from raw creatine?

      “It is better 2 ask some of the questions than 2 know all the answers.” – James Thurber



      I don’t think you’re going to beat these tests 100% of the time regardless of what you do and don’t they save the samples as evidence? While it can be done it can’t be guaranteed so you have to ask yourself if a failed test is worth it for you. If it’s not just wait out the probation, it’s the best way tbh.

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