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      I enjoy Choral/Orchestral music, and I am seeking any leads to bands/groups that I may not have heard. It is not Operas that I am seeking, but rather Choir pieces that are synthesized into song structures (like Kansas with a Choir). Vangelis, especially his work on the “1492 Conquest of Paradise” album, is certainly one of my favourites. It does not matter if it is Rock (or Metal), Classical, or New Age, as long as the songs (from the recommended bands/groups) are composed utilizing a Choir (and an Orchestra). Sweden’s Therion and Norway’s Tristania are two examples for which I make mention to, in concept (if you listen to bands as mentioned)

      So, that said, any leads to bands/groups that fit the aforementioned desription, would be greatly appreciated (I do not have as of currently, sound on my Comp, so please do not say “check out this download”. Also, I do not like (modern day) Metallica, so please make no mention of their S & M album [I have heard parts of it, and it was dross, to me]).

      Just trying to find new music to inspire me, as it is rare, and I can not wait for another two years before Therion releases another album (I went out of my way to buy their last release, as it was slated for the US two months after European release. I bought a Korean import of it [got the bonus tracks])

      Side note: If anyone enjoys some of the music along the lines that I have mentioned (in concept, if not in actuality), I recommend the soundtrack for “1492…” by Vangelis. It is the most breathtaking album that I have ever heard, especially the last song “Into Eternity”.

      Therion from Sweden, is my favourite band. If anyone wants to enjoy some modern Classical/Metal music, I recommend that you download the following Therion songs from your site of choice:

      1)”The Rise of Sodom and Gomorrah”

      2)”The Birth of Venus Illegitima”

      3)”From the Dionysian Days”

      4)”Ship of Luna”


      6)Their version of Orff’s “O Fortuna”

      7)”Via Nocturna”

      8)”Up to Netzach”


      10) and if you are more daring, you can check out “To Mega Therion”.



      I do enjoy the songs Vangelis composed for “Blade Runner” and “Nankyoku monogatari” (Antarctica). The Antarctica tracks will be hard to find on CD, I had to buy an LP and record to MiniDisc.

      Perhaps you might like Jean-Michael Jarre. I really loved “Les Chants Magnetiques”. Heading towards Ambient, maybe Pete Namlook. I just purchased “Silence V”. Try those and tell me if I am heading in the wrong direction



      At one point in time, my Mother-Board was fried and I never got around (after having my Brother in Law piece together a new Comp for me) to seeing what the issue with the sound was (I have speakers, and a card, but no sound. Will have to pester him sometime).

      I detest, generally, all modern music as heard on the radio. It is dross, and despicable to my ears. If I am in the car (only one damn speaker works and the cassette player is broken [I live a spartan life]), I listen to the 70’s/80’s/90’s R&B and dance/disco station, the classic rock station, or the oldies station (love 50’s and 60’s music). The only moment of respite from the radio inspired beating of the doldrum is when Sade comes on (one of the few pop artists that I love. Have all of her albums). But in terms of Modern (commercial) music (since Sade has been around since the early 80’s), I generally detest it with a passion.

      Regarding Vangelis:

      I have “Antartica “(have the CD), Opera Sauvage, and about five others. “Into Eternity” from “1492 Conquest of Paradise” is my favourite song, ever. It is beautiful and it almost kills me to listen to it, as it is peaceful. I wish that I were as tranquil and serene as that song.



      I would definitely check out things by Disturbed or the Union Underground… They have made some great moving pieces..



      You should try Pete Namlook then. It might be difficult to find some of his works as his label usually limits CDs to two thousand. Another labels World Music is picking up some of his older works and publishing them. I purchase from (http://www.ear-rational.com). The type of music is called Ambient, it is more atmospheric in nature. Brian Eno is a must.



      Clannad is the name of Enya’s sister’s band. I would recommend:

      1) The Hilliard Ensemble

      2) Henryk Gorecki

      3) Arvo Part

      4) Arnold Schoenberg

      5) John Tavener



      Craig Armstrong – “The Space Between Us”



      I too detest most modern commercial music with the exception

      of TOOL.And yes,Sade is great too.Dante have you heard Morcheeba?

      She too has a beautiful voice.Maybe if you like Sade you’ll like Morcheeba.

      My real musical obsessions are these two bands:Death in June and

      Current 93.They play neo-folk/experimental music.



      Sweden huh…ABBA!

      Led Zeppelin!



      Dante, try the soundtrack to “Last of the Mohicans.” I used the music from that soundtrack for a multimedia presentation a few years ago.




      When I found the link I left you, I found another that gives you a list to go through….




      Thank you to all that gave such recommendations, as it is greatly appreciated on my behalf.

      There is a fairly eclectic record store chain where I live, so I shall check into them (will look into all of the recommendations, and Morcheeba as I have not heard her [to my conscious recollection]).

      @Saber and Brwn: Check out “Prelude” and “Losing Sleep (Still ,my heart), from the “Voices” album by Vangelis (Tracks number 6 and 7, respectively [the former flows into the latter] Your girlfriends would love it ).



      Try and get “somewhere other” (it has another name in some oriental language) and “aurora” by Cantamus. If you like them then try and get the entire “aurora” album. They’re great. Kinda choir like off the Edward Scissorhands soundtrack (another good choice).

      Incidentally, on a side note, for anyone familar with “smash sumthin” by redman, what is the operatic piece that he samples at the beginning, from? It’s something i’ve been trying to find out for a long time.

      Much appreciated.


      Dante, im sure you would like “Sigur Ros” an icelandic post-rock/experimental band that combines alot of elements of classical music into its songs. I suggest you download “Staralfur” by the above, they really exhibit their musical prowess by incorporating the sound of fireworks into the background in place of drums.

      First Post. I Love learning, so I’ll love your site



      Since Vangelis and Jean Micheal Jarré were mentioned I would have to add in Saoto Tomita, especially his rendition of the Planets. Also I believe the enitre Cramina Bruana should be mentioned.

      I know Dante, you requested choirs not operas but this has to be said; Philip Glass is a genius as with other minimalists like Micheal Nyman.

      Lastly what about Brian Wilson and his vocal arrangements. Especially during the bridge transition to the final chorus in Good Vibrations, uter brilliance.

      Ras: It’s nice to see a believer in the oral to aural traditions



      So have you actually gotten round to getting any of these recommendations by people?



      Yngwie Johann Malmsteen – Concerto Suite For Electric Guitar And Orchestra In E Flat Minor Op.1



      So have you actually gotten round to getting any of these recommendations by people?

      I have been to the record store, about 2 or 3 times in the months pass, in which case, I did not find any of the selections. Dowloading would be nice (so as to catch an aural glimpse) but, my sound system does not work, as of now.

      So, I will likely just order several selections from Amazon.com, and see what the order brings (speaking of which, I placed an order for a Japanese import several months ago, which was never sent. Need to bug them).

      Don’t recall mentioning this, however, for those of you that enjoy Black/Heavy Metal music and Choral arrangements, you may wish to check into Norway’s Tristania. As of this moment, the choral chants from “World of Glass”, are peeling the paint off of my apartment walls.

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