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      I’m fat 41 yr old: 240 with a lbm of 160. I done the CKD years ago and got down to 11% from 25%. I find now I can’t stay on the Keto diet. In the past I’ve used the Bill Phillips BFL. I am now using that workout with the diet as such: meals 1-3 28g pro., 40g carb, fat trace; meals 4-6 28g pro trace carb(3-5g) 12g good fat. 1900 cals Mon.-Sat, Sun free day

      Quetions: 1) Basing numbers on body weight? Well 240 is a fat body so should I use my LMB instead so as to cut? 2) What of this 4 day high low carb diet at this point?

      Any imput would be great……. Thanks

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