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      *shrug* I wouldn’t be so sure about genetics being the root cause of your problem with low test.

      Please tell us about your lifestyle.

      Diet, supps, training style and breaks, sleep quality and quantity, stress – sources and how you manage it.

      You don’t feel optimal and have perhaps mild depression.

      I take it that you posted this thread not to vent, but to ask for help.

      If your thread is simply a means of venting frustration, please ignore my reply.



      Thanks for concern trouble. You seem to be a very knowledgeable member and I enjoy your posts.

      I originally posted this hoping I could get some advice and to just vent just a little bit. I consider myself fairly intelligent on the topics of training, stress, lifestyle, supplements, nutrition, anabolics, ect. I’ve been training and learning for about four years (which isn’t saying much) now and I’m a certified personal trainer (which is saying even less). I’ve been on this board lurking for years now and have gained a wealth of knowledge thanks to the superb quality of the frequent posters. As far as outside factors (diet, training, nutrition) go, I feel as though it’s pretty good.

      Diet consists of lots of protein, EFA’s, low-gi carbs, calories being dependent of goals. Good pre and post-workout nutrition.

      Training typically consists of hitting a bodypart 2-3x’s/week with some form of periodization depending on goals.

      Supplements are pretty minimalistic. Good multi-vitamin, whey, creatine, fish oil. Maybe some l-tyrosine before a workout.

      I typically sleep 8 hours a night.

      I’m a pretty relaxed guy and don’t really get stressed. Maybe before exams a little bit (I’m a college senior). My other major love, besides psychology and training, is music. I play drums for local band and that’s goin pretty well.

      The only thing that can really suck is that my g/f for the past 2.5 years lives rather far away and I don’t get to see her too often. But we have a great realtionship and we have made it work.

      Damn, I’m boring myself.



      Hey guys. I’m not really sure where to put this but I thought this forum would be the most appropriate.

      Now a little background about myself. I’m 22 years old for the past few years I never quite felt optimal. Frustrated with my lack of gains, I did a Test cycle about 18 months ago. I had stellar gains and felt awesome. Well, things have pretty much returned to normal since then….mediocre sex drive, somewhat moody, very little facial hair, and little in the way of muscular gains, etc. About 2 months back I decided to get my testosterone levels checked and the results came back at a whopping 254. I went to an endocrinologist and he ordered more blood work. Today was the follow-up to my initial appointment. Although I did not receive a copy of the blood work, this is what my endocrinologist said…My test levels were now 398 and I’m in the normal range. Secondly, he said my LH was fine but my FSH and TSH were at the very low end of normal. Depending on m next blood work results, I may have to get an MRI done pending on my next FSH results. Also, it’s likely that I will have to go on thyroid medication.

      I have another appointment in 8 weeks to see if my FSH and TSH have normalized (I’ll be getting blood work again in 6 or 7 weeks). I have to say that I’m actually a little disappointed that I didn’t qualify for HRT. I really thought I’d feel better after starting. Perhaps some thyroid medication will help.

      Obviously, I don’t have the greatest bodybuilding genetics. I’m sure by the time I reach 30 or so I’ll qualify for HRT. But what to do til then? Of course I could use some anabolics off and on but in all honesty, I’d prefer not to. I could also try some OTC testosterone aids (6-oxo, ATD, etc.). I really don’t know what to do.

      I’ve just reached the point where my efforts don’t seem worth the results (or lack thereof). You know your shit, you apply your shit, but you have nothing to show for it.

      Stupid genetics.



      There are some natural bodybuilding. Eat lots of vitamins. Do some workout regularly. Avoid smoking and stress. Eat healthy and well balanced whole grains foods. Drink lots of water.

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