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Prohormones Or Prosteroids

There is a lot of misconception between what is a "prohormone" and what is a "prosteroid" and while technically they are similar, the market has made them out to be quite different.  In no way ...
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Anti-Estrogen Supplements

In the world of sports nutrition there are a few different ways to boost testosterone.   The most popular way is to increase LH by using supplements like D-Aspartate (the active form of D-Aspartic Acid) ...
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Damon Harrington

Athlete Spotlight: Damon Harrington

Before you bitch about how hard your contest prep is going,  you NEED to read this article. I see it pretty much daily.  People on social media complaining about their "tough life" and how ...
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Breakfast: The Most Important Meal Of The Day

Breakfast: The Most Important meal of the Day I’ve been coaching clients for several 20 plus years now, long before I became associated with Team Juggernaut or Mind and Muscle (.com). I’m a huge proponent ...
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