Work It Off - Mind And Muscle

Hungry? Bored?


A lot of people tend to overeat when they are bored, just sitting in front of the TV or watching Netflix… Don’t you catch yourself ever grab a bag of chips and eat until it’s all gone?


One of the eating disorders that is common, is stress eating. Especially now, during finals, I know a lot of people would “treat themselves”, eat cookies while studying, order pizza to the library etc. Nothing wrong with treating yourself once in a while. Don’t let it destroy your progress though. Yes, it’s winter, some extra pounds won’t hurt you but, summer is coming.


Interval training helps you avoid stress eating. This is proven by a research conducted at the University of Alabama. Mentally demanding work drains your brain’s energy, which could make you hungry.


However, exercise can offset that effect. The study showed that people who did intervals after mental work ate 25 fewer calories than usual; those who did not exercise ate 100 calories more.


Don’t let stress get to you. Just work it off.


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