ramycheckIt has been a little over a week since the young IFBB Pro, Big Ramy, placed 8th in the 2013 Mr. Olympia.  He placed a little lower than many expected, but for it being his 2nd pro contest, he brought as much as he could and I was extremely impressed.  He was admittedly nervous and intimidated posing down with bodybuilding’s elite.  Ramy came in well conditioned but not very hard.  He has very young muscle that will just take time and lots of work to harden up.  I just want to point out one thing, however.  What show were the judges watching?!  Jay Cutler brought the worst package since his pro debut to the 2013 O and they gave him 6th.  I will put up a couple comparison pics in this article for you to compare.  Ya, we all know Jay was coming off of an injury, blah blah blah.  The only reason he placed at all was because of his name.  It’s a shame really, and a bad year for the Olympia, which is supposed to be the least political pro competition of the year.  Bodybuilding is becoming like boxing….simply ridiculous.  There is no possible way one can look at Jay and say, “hmmm, his legs look great!”  He was not conditioned, small, and he looked drunk.

ramyvsphil ramyvsjay2 ramyvsjay1What is Big Ramy doing now?  He is back to his grind after many much deserved cheat meals.  His trainer Dennis James “promises” that the nervous rookie will not return in 2014 as a nervous rookie.  This is going to take some work and creative planning on James’ end.  His posing needs polishing, as well as his lower half, which needs hardening and increased defenition.  We are looking forward to following Ramy through 2014 to see what kind of house Dennis can build with this Egyptian beast.

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