Walking Lunge

The walking lunge is an exercise that many males call a chick exercise. I had a friend say that to me one time and I laughed at him. He used to squat upwards of 450 lbs for reps and he ragged on me for doing a “chick exercise.” I said get some 35 pound dumbells and do the chick exercise. He was kind of surprised at the difficulty I could tell but he just blew it off trying to be cool. Well, two days later, this guy can barely walk. He said he could barely sit on a toilet his ass hurt so bad. So this was really funny in my eyes. I already knew the type of brutality that the walking lunge could bring to my life. My training partner and I routinely would finish every leg workout by doing the walking lunge for 40 yards  with 225 lbs on our backs. They were an absolute grinder to finish the workout. They hurt and they were highly effective.

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How To Do A Proper Walking Lunge

You can do the walking lunge with body weight, with dumbells in your hands, or with a barbell on your back. As a trainer, I preferred that my clients got used to doing them with body weight so they got the proper body position down and the proper stride length that I wanted to see. Long stride length puts more emphasis on the glutes and hamstrings. A shorter stride length puts more stress into the quadriceps. Both variations are good to use to give complete leg development. Here are a few videos to show technique. Walking Lunge. Once the technique is solid, then consider adding load. The most advanced version will be where the barbell is on the back. They should be put in your workout somewhere after you complete the main mass movement.

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