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174 This AM!

March 26th 2015

11 weeks out from NPC Michigan State Championship (Mr. Michigan)!

I bottomed out at 172 and came back up to 174, so I’m about at my isocaloric point.
had about 3950 calories yesterday and I’m intending on going a little higher today. I had about 275 g protein and about 550 carbs last night with about 75 g of fat.

7 am Wake up: 0.1 ml of T2, 1 scoop Rise and Swell, and I’m trying Myo-X thanks to my boy Jeff Johnston MHP sponsored bad ass #25 220 class bencher OF ALL TIME

8 am Meal 1:  2 scoops LG sciences Whey Pro, and 15 g MCT oil ( I should have put 3 raw eggs in the shake but I was out) (44 g p, 0 g c, 15 g fat)

10 am Meal 2:  10 oz 90/10 beef (60, 0, 20)

12:30 pm Meal 3: 10 oz beef (60, 0, 20)

3:30 pm Meal 4: 10 oz beef, I cheated and had 2 slices of rye bread (60, 25, 20)

6 pm Meal 5: 7 rice cakes (forgot my bananas at work, was going to eat 1-2) (0, 56, 0)

6:45 pm Pre Workout: Nocturnus 3 scoops

7:30 pm Mid Workout: 2 scoops Half Time

9 pm Post Workout: 3 shakes each has 1 scoop Whey Pro and 60 g dextrose (66, 180, 0)

10-11:30 pm Meal 6: 4 cups of Rice Chex, 1 cup Crasins, 2 cups Cocoa Pebbles, (0, 272,0)

12:00 am Bed time: (no point in Nocturnus or GHenerate before bed since i just pounded 450 carbs in 3 hours)

Totals: 75 g fat, 530 g Carbs, 286 g protein, just under 4,000 calories.  I’ll increase my portions of beef and go leaner with the beef (95/5), then stick to this for a week and see how my weight holds

I’m using my Mass Meals For Skinny Guys diet. If your an ectomorph, or a hard gainer, or built like a telephone pole this is the diet for YOU!

Last Night I Hit Thor Chest

This was a great chest workout. And this is one of my favorite weeks of T4R.  I was training for the first time with my new friend Will Hickey, Ironology sponsored athlete. He is currently 1 month out from the John Simmons Classic, a very prestigious show here in Michigan.

We met at Novi Powerhouse where he trains his clients to hit Thor Chest! (No neon green Under Armour was worn in the making of these gainz).

Thor Chest

The god of strength requires some serious lifting or he will be angry, and you don’t want to see The thunder god angry….think tornado.

Flat Bench
We worked up to a max weight where we failed at, then worked back down for 4 more sets,
275 for 4+1 (personal record)
265 for 4+1
245 for 5
245 for 4+1
225 for 5

Incline Bench
185 for 5
185 for 4+1
165 for 5
165 for 4+1
155 for 5

Decline Bench
185 for 5
225 for 3 +2
205 for 4+1
185 for 5
185 for 5

The routine calls for peck deck but we didn’t have enough green neon so we had to use the cables

Seated fancy pants incline cable curl machine
Honestly this machine is the shit and I’m gonna take a picture of it and put it in here

FST-7 x 8 reps

80 lbs for 8 shitty ones
50 lbs for 8 perfect one
50 for 8
45 for 10
45 for 8
40 for 12
45 for 8

Next will be Thor Back and Thor Shoulders!

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