The Best Ways To Raise Testosterone

What is Testosterone

Testosterone is the main male hormone.  It is associated with male characteristics like strength, bone density, higher metabolism, and is involved in mood, personality, sex drive, sleep and several other important things. Its impossible to overestimate the importance of testosterone.  There are several basic things you can do to increase your testosterone.  



Testosterone is made from cholesterol. Although we make some cholesterol in our body its critical to eat a sufficient amount of cholesterol.  Eggs are very rich in cholesterol and its no surprise that for decades they were the gold standard in muscle building diet foods.  Vitamin D is a hormone like vitamin and it is necessary for Testosterone production. Deficiency in Vitamin D causes low testosterone production and increasing Vitamin D in these men’s diets has shown a 20% increase in testosterone production.  Diets high in fat and low in fiber help produce more testosterone than diets low in fat and high in fiber.  I suggest a diet with 30%-40% of daily calories from fat, with at least 2 whole eggs and 2,000 iu vitamin D for increasing your testosterone.  I realize many people may think this is not healthy.  I am not saying it is healthy, I’m saying this will be the best approach at increasing your testosterone through food. This is for men and women, regardless of if they want to build muscle or lose fat.  

Some studies indicate that carbohydrates decrease testosterone production. One in particular showed that 75 g of liquid carbs post workout decreased post workout testosterone levels by 25% for up to 2 hours.  That means when you should be recovering from the workout your testosterone is blunted by your “Mass Gainer”.  


This is a controversial topic, but I endorse it: heavy compound movements build muscle partly by releasing growth hormone and testosterone.  Weighted pull ups, weighted dips, squats, deadlifts, incline bench press, military press, and bent rows.  Weight so heavy you can’t get 12 reps, but not so heavy you can’t get 6 perfect reps.  These should be the core of your workouts if you want to release more testosterone and have the strongest, most impressive physique possible.  

Although rest periods of 60 seconds release more growth hormone, rest periods of 90 seconds release more testosterone. Resting 120 seconds is inferior in regards to both of these hormones. So for fat loss stick to 60 second rests and stay away from carbs pre/mid/immediately post workout.  For muscle building keep your rest periods at 90 seconds with the lifting mentioned above and wait about 30 minutes to have carbs for the largest post exercise testosterone spike.


D-Aspardic Acid is one of my absolute favorites.  In men with decreased production of testosterone nothing turns it up faster than DAA.  It acts on the testes to produce and release testosterone and results are noticed in 24 hours.  Take 3g first thing in the morning. It works on the brain to increase memory and tells the brain to produce hormones that stimulate testosterone production.  It helps the testes absorb cholesterol for production of testosterone and it amplifies hCG’s effects on testestosterone production.  

hCG is a prescription drug used for infertility. It acts on the testes in concert with DAA to increase testosterone production and release.

ZMA is good as a Zinc supplement for defficient men but if a man has sufficient zinc levels more is unnecesary.

Tribulus Terrestris is marginaly helpful in men with low testosterone and sperm production but not in men with normal production.

Anti Estrogens

There are two classes of anti estrogens.  Both are awesome! Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators (SERMs) and Aromatase Inhibitors.  Both started as prescription drugs for breast cancer.  Aromatase inhibitors stop the enzyme aromatse from converting testosterone to estrogen. This has two huge benifits:

1) You’re not degrading your testosterone – duh!

2) The estrogen signals the body to reduce testosterone production

Aromatase inhibitors are like taking your foot off the breaks and hitting the gas at the same time. They work great with hCG, DAA, and SERMs to reverse infertility.  The best one is Letrozole, but there are over the counter versions availiable both liquid sublingual and oral capsules. For a great Aromatase inhibitor click here!

SERMs inhibit the estrogen receptor in all the bad places and activate it in the liver and testes.  It helps, not hurts your cholesterol. And boosts testosterone production directly! Tamoxifen is the king of this category


Prohormones are cholessterol based molecules that convert to Testosteone or other anabolic steroids once the liver metabolize them.  They don’t boost your natural testosterone production but replace it with stronger active hormones.  One of my favorites is 1-Androstenolone, It converts into 1-testosterone and works as good as injectable testosterone according to a very recent university study.  

For more on prohormones, check out this page!

Nothing in this article or on this site should be considered medical advice or as an endorsement to violate any law of the country in which you reside.  The information given is for fun and entertainment purposes only.  All claims are 100% dependent upon proper diet and exercise.  Please consult a medical practitioner prior to any diet and exercise program.


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