Team Juggernaut Personal Assessment Form For Competitors

This questionnaire is for team members who will be training for competition. If you are not training for competition, please go back and choose the questionnaire for non-competitors.

What days are you available to participate in the program? (check all that apply)
What times are you available to participate in the program? (check all that apply)
Please briefly describe your training goals and expectations.
How would you rate your motivation towards your training goals?
What is the main motivating factor behind you joining a training program?
Are you satisfied with your current weight? If not, what body weight would you like?
Are you motivated enough to follow a rigorous training regime for up to 3 months with a controlled diet?

Have you been training in the last year? If yes, please describe any improvements in your fitness level.
How many months are you ready to spend to achieve your objectives?
How many cheat meals do you feel that you need per week? Realize that each cheat meal makes it more diffcult to reach your goals.
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