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Straight Leg Deadlifts

Straight Leg Deadlifts

When trying to make three-dimensional legs, complete legs, you need quadriceps and hamstrings fully developed. Many people have excellent  quadriceps development, but to get a set of 3D hamstrings is hard to do. What is the problem that I most often see? Generally, people train them wrong sequentially and volume wise. When I say sequentially, it is often because they treat hamstrings like an afterthought. I see people do 3-4 exercises in a row for quads and then do 1 exercise for hamstrings for maybe 3-4 sets. The exercise I see people do the most is lying leg curls. These are a great exercise, but they only address one function of the hamstrings; knee flexion. They completely ignore hip extension, a very important part of developing a great pair of hamstrings. So what are straight leg deadlifts and how do you execute them?

How To Do Straight Leg Deadlifts

This exercise is often confused with Romanian Deadlifts which are a flat back version of this movement. With RDL, there is a more pronounced knee bend and deeper range of motion. With stiff leg deadlifts, you keep the knees almost locked out and go to a lesser depth. Straight Leg Deadlifts video. The difference is that you can load RDL more than you can load stiff leg deadlifts. I like RDL a bit better but there is a place at the table for both exercises. I think it is good to do these exercises the way it feels best and with the least exposure to injury. Generally speaking, I always say if it feels good and it looks right, keep doing it. Everybody has different anatomy and for that very reason, you will see the same exercise done by two different people and it will look different. That doesn’t mean it is wrong, its just that people have different bodies, joints, and flexibility. Add stiff leg deadlifts into your program and see your hamstrings start to grow NOW!



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