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buff guy curlingSpirulina is a green “superfood” often included in green food and antioxidant formulas. Not only does spirulina have many health benefits, but it may also increase fat burn from exercise. A study published in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise examined the effects of spirulina supplementation on subjects during an exhaustive cardiovascular exercise session.

9 fit male subjects consumed either 6g of spirulina daily or a placebo supplement. Their exercise performance was evaluated based on a treadmill session in which the subjects ran on a treadmill at 70-75% of their VO2 max, and then the intensity was cranked up to 95% of their VO2 max and held there until the subjects could no longer keep up the pace.

It was found that spirulina not only decreased oxidative damage as expected, but it also decreased glucose oxidation by about 11% which came with an increase in the utilization of fat for fuel. Spirulina is most often used by health enthusiasts, but from the results seen here it might not be a bad idea for the physique athlete to incorporate it into their supplement plan as well. Not only can spirulina boost immune system, energy, and fight free radicals, but it may even help you burn more fat during exercise!



Kalafati M, Jamurtas AZ, Nikolaidis MG, Paschalis V, Theodorou AA, Sakellariou GK, Koutedakis Y, & Kouretas D. (2010). Ergogenic and antioxidant effects of spirulina supplementation in humans. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise. 42(1), 142-51.

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