Secret Recipe to Success - Mind And Muscle

A lot of people approach me and tell me that they want to lose weight, want to build muscle, want to be lean…. I encourage that, but one thing people need to realize is that if you want change THEY need to change.

There is no secret to being successful in any part of your life, success is an accumulation of hard, directed work and the creation of new – better – habits. Making a change is hard. It requires mental toughness, it requires to change your habits.

Your body only adapts if you put it under stress. That being said, your body needs to be under an uncommon stress, something it’s never done before. That can be lifting heavier weight (principle of overload), a higher rep range or volume. It can be exercising at a higher intensity, for a longer period of time or at a faster speed. Your body needs to be stressed… And, stress is uncomfortable.

It takes effort and a lot of patience. If you put in work, rest enough, and fuel your body for results, it will result in change. The path to success is paved by discipline. It requires the discipline in following a plan, creating new habits and getting used to being uncomfortable. Changing your body is just as hard as changing your mindset. Stay committed to growth and results will come.

All in all, the magic recipe to success is the commitment to change and being disciplined over a long period of time.



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